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5 Types of Food You Should Avoid - For Your Skin's Sake!

5 Types of Food You Should Avoid - For Your Skin's Sake!

Here are 5 types of food you should avoid, or reduce, in order to keep your skin glowing.  



New year, new me! - right? - maybe make it a goal to drink less alcohol this year. If you've never noticed, take a good look at your skin after a night out filled with one too many cocktails. Your skin can turn red, become parched and blotchy. One way to start recovery is by drinking coconut water and/or green juices, you want to consume antioxidants to help with any internal inflammation and water to help bring back oxygen to your skin. 

Fried Foods

There's no denying that fried foods are delicious, but scary enough, fried foods have the power to change the cell membrane structure, making it more difficult for your skin cells to eliminate waste. These dangerously delicious fried foods will make your skin appear sallow and oily. - ahhh pimples! A couple ways to remedy this, is to drink lots of water and to use Phyto ClearPhyto Clear is great for oily/combination skin and will help keep acne breakouts at bay. 


You can usually see a breakout the day after dairy consumption. This is because dairy products can change the way testosterone and estrogen are regulated in your body, which leads to skin breakouts. Not much to do here but to keep a low-dairy diet, or just wait it out!


Regular consumption of sugar can break down collagen and elastin, which ultimately leads to crows feet and fine lines. So you should think twice before having dessert seconds with every meal! If you have a major sweet tooth, there are alternative ways to fill that craving - you could even opt out for a sweet cream instead. Like our sweet scented Berry Rich Cream, sounds like dessert doesn’t it? 


Have you ever noticed your face puffing up slightly after a gluten filled meal? You may have a slight, undetected gluten sensitivity. A few ways to approach this is by booking a visit to your doctor, drinking diuretic juices such as green juice with cucumber and parsley, and to wash your face with Aloe Milk Cleanser that is infused with Black tea (which will help reduce puffiness in your face). 


It's not easy to cut out any of these options, in fact you shouldn't have to, it's all about moderation. With the right balance, your skin will have no problem staying balanced too! We'd love to hear about the different skin experiences you've had with any of these foods. Let us know below!

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