Skin Smoothies 101

Layering is so yesterday. At Graydon Skincare, we're all about mixing our products to create Skin Smoothies! 

Skin Smoothies

  The Triple Cleanse Serum Luxe Clarify + Tone Soothe + Hydrate
Sensitive Skin Calm + Soothe   Glow Getter

What are they? Fun mixtures of your favourite, powerfully natural, superfood active skincare products!

Why skin smoothies? They provide your skin with all the benefits of multiple products at once. They're totally tailored to your skin needs and they save you time in the mornings and evenings.

Have we mentioned that skin smoothies also help your products to work maximally for your skin? Certain actives, when mixed and applied together, help other actives to absorb more readily and deeply into the skin. The better your skin absorbs the vitamins, nutrients and other goodies in Graydon Skincare products, the better they are going to perform and the better your skin will look and feel. 

Have fun making skin smoothies with the products below.