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Shipping and Returns FAQs

Please see our shipping and return policies. 

Account & Newsletter FAQs

What are the benefits to having a Graydon Skincare account?

  • By creating an account, you will be able to keep a record of all your purchases. You can also save your shipping address to your account to make the checkout process quick and simple! 

How do I create an account?

  • To create an account, please click here.

Is my Graydon Skincare account secure?

  • At Graydon Skincare, we understand the importance of keeping your data private and secure. As a store on the Shopify platform, all of our data is encrypted and we are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. This is a security standard that we follow when handling credit and debit card information. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a secure network, regularly monitoring and testing networks and implementing strong access control measures. 

What are the benefits to signing up for your newsletter?

  • By signing up for our newsletter, you will be the first to learn about promotions, new products, self-care tips, and other exciting things happening at Graydon Skincare! To join our family and sign up for our newsletter, please click here.  

Product FAQs

How can I choose the best products for my skin type?

  • It's easy! We offer three ways to help you select the best products for your needs: 
    • Take our Skin Quiz. Answer a few questions about your skin type, concerns and preferences and receive product recommendations based on your answers.
    • Send us a message at to receive skincare recommendations and personalized product suggestions. 

Do I need to wear sunscreen while using your products?

  • Regardless of your skin type or colour, you should wear sunscreen every day. We recommend applying your favourite non-nano, reef-safe SPF as the final step in your skincare routine.

Are your products gluten-free?

  • Our products do not contain gluten. However, we do not manufacture in a designated gluten-free facility. Please ensure that you check the ingredient tab on our product pages for a full ingredient list if you have any allergies, sensitivities or restrictions.

Are your products vegan?

  • All of our products are vegan (do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients) with the exception of Putty, which contains Manuka honey and beeswax. Please ensure that you check the ingredient tab on our product pages for a full ingredient list if you have any allergies, sensitivities or restrictions. 

Do you test on animals? 

  • We are committed to animal welfare, which is why our entire line is cruelty-free and is certified by Leaping Bunny.

Are your products organic?

  • We try to source organic ingredients from Canadian growers and manufacturers whenever possible. Please note that we do not make a claim on our packaging stating that our line is organic. This is because the certification process to register an organic product line is both costly and complicated. In fact, doing so would substantially increase the cost of our products. Since we strive to achieve a blend between quality and affordability, we have decided not to certify our line at this time. 

What do you formulate without?

  • Our ingredients are derived from nature. We do not use fillers, petrochemicals, toxic chemicals, phthalates, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes or other questionable ingredients

Are your products ocean and reef safe?

  • Our entire product line is ocean and reef safe. 

Are your products scented?

  • Some of our products contain essential oils and/or aromatic plant extracts, while other products do not. To learn more, please read the article titled Are Graydon Skincare Products Scented?, which answers this question in-depth.

Why do some of your products lighten over time?

  • Due to the nature of our botanical ingredients, the colour of our products may lighten over time. This is a normal characteristic of all botanical colorants. Using plant-based ingredients also means variation in hue between batches. No matter the hue, our products are safe and effective when used within their indicated shelf life.

    Do you use preservatives?

    • We use natural and effective plant-based preservatives in all of our products.  

    Where do you source your ingredients?

    • Staying connected to our Canadian roots is of great importance to us. We source local and domestic ingredients whenever possible. In fact, many of the ingredients found in our formulations are sourced from small growers within Canada.

    Are your products pH balanced? 

    • Our formulations are carefully formulated to balance your skin’s pH level to help maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

    Do you ever change your product formulations?

    • As a small batch company, we have the wriggle room to constantly search for newer and better ingredients between batches. You may see a difference between what's on our website and what's on our product label for a short period of time as we transition. We always do our best to source the very best ingredients. If you happen to notice a change, rest assured that it's for a good reason!

    Are your products sustainable? 

    • Sustainability is a top priority at Graydon Skincare, which is why we are working towards more eco-friendly packaging options for all of our products. To learn more, please click here

    Do your products contain palm oil?

    • Palm oil derivatives can be found in All Over Soap, Intimacy Oil, Face Foam and Skin Stuff. All palm ingredients used in our products are sustainably sourced and RSPO certified.

    Is your packaging recyclable?

    • All of our product packaging is recyclable except for the pumps, caps, droppers and sample sachets. Please ensure you disassemble and rinse your products before recycling them and follow your local recycling rules. 

    Is it safe to use your products while pregnant/nursing?

    • We often receive questions about whether our products are appropriate for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Please click here for an in-depth answer to this frequently asked question.

    Are your products suitable for young children?

    • While we pride ourselves on our clean, plant-based, superfood-inspired formulas, any person at any age can have a reaction to an ingredient and/or product. It's always best to consult the advice of a paediatrician, dermatologist and/or naturopath. We also recommend doing a patch test on the underside of the forearm.

    What is the expiry date of my product?

    • We recommend using our products within 612 months of the date of purchase for optimal freshness. 

    Do you offer samples?

    • We certainly do! With every order, you will receive 3 free randomly selected samples. Please note that the samples are selected based on availability. You can also purchase specific sample sachets on our product pages. Please note that if you are only ordering samples that your order is still subject to shipping charges. Samples cannot be returned and are non-refundable.

    Do you offer promotions?

    • We offer promotions throughout the year. By signing up for our newsletter, you will be the first to learn about promotions, new products, self-care tips and other exciting things happening at Graydon Skincare! To join our family and sign up for our newsletter, please click here
    • Please note that any purchase that requires a minimum spend must meet the minimum specified subtotal price before tax and discounts in order to qualify for the promotion. Discount codes may not be applied towards our collections or purchases under $16. Only one discount code or promotion can be applied to an order. 

    What payment methods do you accept? 

    • You can use any of the following options at checkout to finalize your order: American Express, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, Google Pay, Mastercard, PayPal, Shop Pay or Visa. 

    Do you offer payment plans?

    • True to their motto “Self-care now. Pay later,” Sezzle is a payment solution that gives you the freedom to buy now and pay later—with absolutely NO interest or hidden fees! When you place an order through Sezzle, their approval system will offer you a repayment plan. In most cases, it's 25% of the order total due up-front with the remaining amount divided up across three more instalments, each due two weeks apart. Learn more here

    Graydon FAQs

    What sets Graydon Skincare apart from other natural skincare brands?

    • At Graydon Skincare, we aim to find the sweet spot between the efficacy and sexiness of conventional skincare and green beauty brands. Our brand offers you the best of both worlds: effective clinically-formulated products housed in sleek modern packaging, combined with the goodness of clean, plant-powered ingredients. What’s more is that we provide you with a moment to relax and let go of everyday stress. As you apply one of our signature Skin Smoothies or mist your skin with Face Food Mineral Mist, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a mini oasis before continuing with the hustle of your day or jumping onto a zoom call.

    Why do natural products like yours tend to cost more than mainstream drugstore brands?

    • We believe that every ingredient in our products should benefit the skin. This is why we don't use inexpensive fillers. Instead, our products contain high concentrations of pure ingredients. This higher ratio of active ingredients means that a little goes a long way, so that you can use less product and still get visible results. 

    What tips would you offer to someone who is interested in making the switch from conventional skincare products to natural?

    • Make the switch easy for yourself by replacing one product at a time. Please don't feel the need to toss your entire conventional skincare collection. We also encourage you to begin reading product labels and to make good plant-powered choices for your skin just as you would with the food you eat. Also, start thinking about your skin as an organ that is similar to your stomach -- a vehicle to bring nourishment into your body. By following these simple steps, choosing high quality natural skincare products will become second nature to you!
    • For those of you who prefer to dive into green beauty, we recommend our Clean Beauty Starter Kit. This collection is meant to help make the switch to natural skincare simple and easy by providing everyday skincare essentials. Suitable for all skin types, it includes five products that work synergistically to cleanse, tone, hydrate, and nourish the skin. 

    Still have questions?

    Please send us an email at