Is your line organic?

Are all the ingredients you use in your products non toxic?

Are your products anti-aging?

Is your line nut free?

Why do you believe it’s important to produce (and use) all-natural beauty products?

There are so many 'natural' lines on the market these days. What makes the Graydon line different?

 Why do natural products like yours tend to cost more than mainstream drug store brands? 

We believe that every ingredient in our products should benefit your skin - so that means we don't use useless low cost fillers to cheapen the quality of what we make. On the contrary, our products contain high concentrations of active natural pure ingredients and this means that both your skin (and your pocket book!) get excellent value because the ratio of our active ingredients to inactive ingredients is high... therefore a little goes a long way so you can use less and still get better results. 

Where do you source your ingredients?

What are your signature ingredients?

If your products are 100% natural, how do I know your products won’t go bad without the use of chemical preservatives?

What sets Graydon apart from other natural skincare brands?

What are some of the company's production standards and values?

Why don’t you have a baby line?

As a 'curator of ingredients' what excites you Graydon?

Besides seeing the need for non toxic skincare, what are some factors in your personal life that inspired you to get into creating your own line?

What does your skincare routine look like Graydon?

If you had to pick just one, what's your all-time favorite product or the product that you're proudest of from the line?

What tips would you offer to someone looking to make the switch from conventional skincare products?

What have been some of the company's main milestones so far? Any plans for expansion?

Do you offer samples?

Please keep in mind that: