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Graydon in the kitchen with a bowl of greens

A message from our founder

Hi! I’m Graydon, the founder and mind behind Graydon Skincare. I'm thrilled that you're here!

I'm on a mission to give you good skin days, every day, with my unique, powerfully-natural, plant-based skincare products. 

My focus is on formulating with nutrient-dense, clinically-proven superfood ingredients that nourish your skin from the outside in. 

The struggles I faced with my health and skin fuelled my drive and commitment to wellness.

As a vegan chef, my product inspiration comes from my passion for health-enhancing ingredients that help you feel and look good. I infuse my skincare with adaptogens and superfoods just like I do with my food. 

No matter your gender, skin type or tone, we have a simple and effective system of products to help bring to life radiant, healthy skin. 

From my heart,

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Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream

Welcome to Graydon Skincare

We’re a respected leader in Canadian clean beauty. With a deep commitment to sustainability and transparency, we’re making beauty better.

Graydon Skincare offers natural and effective products that deliver real results for all skin types. Our concentrated formulas are packed with clinically proven superfood ingredients that nourish the skin from the outside in. Discover Graydon Skincare and enjoy good skin days, every day!

Graydon holding a beaker with Moon Boost Serum in it

Superfoods + Science

Our cosmetic chemists harness the power of plant-based ingredients to nourish the skin when applied topically.

Moon Boost Serum packaging showing forest friendly (protects old growth forests), produced locally (reduced CO2), removed silver foil (fully recyclable box), made of a single component, and removed laminates (fully recyclable box)

Sustainable Packaging

A large part of building a sustainable beauty industry is in the packaging we create and ship, ensuring that its materials come from sustainable sources and can be recycled when reaching the end of its life.

Our Intimacy Oil and Face Food bottles are made from 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Resin) and are fully recyclable.

Our boxes have become even more sustainable when we removed silver foil and laminates and began producing them locally, further reducing their CO2 impact. The pulp for the boxes are certified to never come from old growth forests.

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