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Super Blue and Almost Brand New

Super Blue and Almost Brand New

Our Berry Rich Cream is now lighter, bluer and richer! We heard what you had to say and so we worked extra hard to amplify the formula by reducing the thickness of the cream and adding even more blue (majik) into it ;) 

Why more blue?

Besides how much we looooove the new hue, Blue Majik is an extract of blue algae (blue spirulina) full of incredible skin benefits. This algae grows in freshwater lakes and is packed with amino acids, minerals, proteins, vitamins and enzymes!

Phycocyanin and chlorophyll contained in this superfood helps your skin retain moisture while also eliminating toxins from your body. 

The rich antioxidant content helps eliminate free radicals and increases the firmness of skin, helping to reduce overall signs of aging. 

We love Berry Rich 'berry' much 

Blue Majik isn’t the only reason why we love Berry Rich - don’t forget all the other incredible ingredients it contains that help nourish your skin. 

The vegan probiotics help prevent bad bacteria from invoking an immune reaction and helps create an equilibrium by strengthening the skin’s natural protective mechanisms (maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria on your skin).  

The blueberry seed oil is uber rich in vitamin C which helps brighten up dark spots and dull looking skin. 

Finally, don’t forget Cocoa Butter and its ability to heal + moisturize the skin.  

Since the almost brand new Berry Rich is now not much of a secret, we are super excited to see what you guys think!