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The Mighty Mineral: Skin Benefits of Zinc
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The Mighty Mineral: Skin Benefits of Zinc

An often underrated ingredient in skincare, zinc goes above and beyond to help inflamed and acne skin. The skin benefits of zinc are what make this mineral truly mighty!

 Main benefits: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, physical UVB block

Zinc is an essential mineral, needed all over your body for optimal functioning, such as boosting the immune system, healing wounds, and assisting in DNA/protein synthesis and growth. Skin cells are particularly dependent on this trace mineral —the top layer of your skin is concentrated with up to 6x more zinc than is found in the lower layers!

Applied topically, zinc works with other vitamins and minerals to help treat skin lesions, inflammation, and combats the bacteria that causes acne! Find zinc in our Face Food.

Zinc oxide, which is found in our Face Glow and Putty, can also be used as a physical block, stopping UV light from penetrating your skin. Our non-nano zinc formulas don't seep into your bloodstream, like nano zinc can, and looks invisible on your skin!

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