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Neck Care = Skin Care

Neck Care = Skin Care

You should be treating your neck to the same love and care you show your face. You may not realize, but our necks have oil glands that are subject to breakouts like our faces. Makeup debris alone can lead to breakouts and ‘dark neck’.

‘Dark neck’ is where debris from makeup, sweat, dirt and bacteria build up on your neck. This causes the skin on your neck to become a shade or two darker than the skin on your face! - YIKES

Beyond that, did we mention that your neck skin is even thinner than your facial skin, leading to more obvious signs of aging like sagging skin and fine lines?

Our tips for proper neck care:

1. Cleanse your neck

As simple as this step may seem, cleansing with a gentle cleanser a few times a week is super important to prevent debris, dirt and bacteria build-up on your neck! Our creamy Aloe Milk Cleanser is gentle and effective, which makes for the perfect cleanser to keep the skin on your neck clean, yet moisturized!


2. Exfoliate your neck

Just like the skin on your face, dead skin cells on your neck will build up without a little gentle exfoliation. A simple way to add this into your skincare routine is by exfoliating your neck at the same time as your face (or even in the shower). Our Bamboo-Charcoal Sponge is the perfect tool to use for a gentle exfoliation that is easy to use. - Feels good too!


3. Moisturize your neck

The skin on your neck needs tender loving and moisturizing. You don’t want to leave your skin feeling dry and flaky, make sure it is being fed the same superfood ingredients to maintain youthful, healthy looking skin. Make it a habit by moisturizing beyond your chin, down your neck and behind too! Our Berry Rich Cream if filled with vegan probiotic and antioxidants that help battle free radicals and help preserve the skin’s integrity.


4. Protect your neck from the elements

It’s easy to forget sometimes that your neck will age too with sun and elemental exposure. Help slow down the aging process on your neck as you do for your face. No one wants to have a young-looking face but and aged neck. Slather on that SPF and protect your skin from everyday pollutants and UVB rays!


These 4 simple steps will make neck-care just as simple as your face-care ;)

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