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My Story: from Vegan Chef to Skincare Business Owner

My Story: from Vegan Chef to Skincare Business Owner

Wow! What a week.

We actually got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our last blog postI guess everyone must really like DIY projects, huh? ❤️

Well, me too!! (as you probably can already tell) 

But what surprised me the most was the fact that quite many people didn’t know about my past as a vegan chef. So now, I’d like to take the chance to give you all a little sneak peek behind the history of Graydon Skincare.

Yes, it’s true. Before I ventured into this whole skincare business (which was made possible thanks to my late father), I was a vegan chef.

In fact, my entire professional background is rooted in the culinary industry. When I first started out, I worked as a pastry chef in fine dining restaurants. This led to me becoming obsessed with the therapeutic alchemy of cooking. 

Then, in another timeline, I moved to Southern California was met with the holistic, yoga, and vegan communities. It was like adding gasoline to my already burning passion for the culinary. Oh, I went deep into it. This ultimately led to me experimenting with superfood ingredients in a home-delivery food service I started. 

And that’s how my love for superfoods began.

It was also around that time where I had frequently met up with a dear friend of mine - who also happened to be a sought after aesthetician. Through her encouragement and advice, I began offering my DIY superfoods-powered skincare products as part of the deliveries.

And wow, it was a HIT 😍 Everybody couldn’t get enough of the products.

Thinking back, that was really the beginning of Graydon Skincare and how it all started - at the kitchen of my own home, sprinkled with a bunch of passion and the encouragement of the people around me.

You may think, “Graydon, from cooking to skincare, that sounds like a huge jump to me”.

And that’s where I’d let you into a little secret: Creating skincare products, to me, is so alike to how I’d cook up food. On one hand, I have all these amazing, beneficial superfood ingredients. And then my job is just to mix and match those ingredients in a way that’d create the final product.

So, isn’t that just how skincare products are made? I know this is an extremely simplified version of it, but that’s exactly how I see it. My team and I even have an inside joke that what we’re doing is “cooking up” skincare products.

Fast forward to today, I can’t be happier with the direction that Graydon Skincare is going. 

And with all of your help and support, I’ve become Toronto Life Insider’s FIRST EVER Resident Beauty Advisor. How crazy is that??
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