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What's Your Skin Type?

What's Your Skin Type?

Determining your own skin type can get confusing, as your skin is always changing! You may have noticed that your skin can be super oily one month and super flaky or dry another month. - What is happening?!
There are 5 main skin types: dry, oily, sensitive, normal, and combination. Your skin type depends on how much water is in your skin (affects your skins comfort and elasticity), how oily it is (affects your skins softness) and how sensitive it is.
Here's a quick test you can do to help you determine what your skin type might be: 
1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser
2. After washing, wait an hour without applying anything else to your face. 
Dry - Skin will feel itchy and tight, with noticeable flaking
Oily - Skin will be shiny with a greasy feel to it, especially in the T-Zone
Combination - Skin will be oily in the T-Zone, but dry around cheeks and jawline
Normal - Skin will feel even and smooth, with slight oiliness and dryness
Sensitive - Skin will feel itchy and and may be inflamed
Your skin type in more detail
Normal Skin
This skin type is not too dry or too oily. This skin type is the easiest type to cater to because those with this skin type usually have no or few imperfections, no severe sensitivity, barely any visible pores and often have a radiant complexion.
Berry Rich Cream is a great probiotic face + eye cream that can be used to maintain normal skin radiance. Can also be paired with our Aloe Milk Cleanser and Face Food Mineral Mist Toner. 
Combination Skin
This skin type is the most common skin type out there. It can be difficult to cater to because you may need specific care in different areas of your face. Those with this skin type tend to have dry or normal skin in some areas and oily skin in other areas. The oily zone is most often known as the T-zone (which includes the nose, forehead and chin). People with combination often experience larger than normal pores, blackheads and shiny looking skin. 
Our Phyto Clear, infused with two plant based retinols and nourishing superfood actives is perfect for combination/oily skin. It's gel-like texture helps to gently clear congested skin, help alleviate the appearance of acne scars and restores bounce to reveal smoother and brighter looking skin!
This moisturizer works best when paired with our Fullmoon Serum. Apply the serum to cleansed skin, wait till it has absorbed and then apply Phyto Clear.
An ideal skin routine for combination skin is: Cleanse with Face Foam + Konjac Sponge, tone with Face Food Mist, hydrate and plump with Fullmoon Serum and moisturize with Phyto Clear. Repeat this routine twice daily, once in the mornings and a second time in the evenings.
Dry Skin
This skin type can be frustrating to work with as it can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Some signs of dry skin include: tiny pores, dull complexion, red patches, less skin elasticity and increased visible signs of aging. Those with dry skin often experience cracking, peeling, itchiness, irritation and/or inflammation. 
Dry skin can be caused by: Genes, aging, hormonal changes, weather, UV, indoor heating, long hot baths/showers, toxic ingredients and medication. 
To help your dry skin, we recommend taking shorter, less hot showers and switching to a moisturizing yet effective cleanser. Our Aloe Milk Cleanser is supercharged with vitamin B3 (niacinamide) to help reduce redness, soothing and hydrating aloe vera, to help protect your skin from environmental damage and improve visible signs of aging. - It will not dry your skin out!
This is our recommended skincare routine for dry skin: Cleanse with Aloe Milk Cleanser, tone with Face Food Mineral Mist, nourish the skin with Superfood Serum and finish off with one of our incredibly hydrating and healing moisturizers. Berry Rich Cream or The Putty.
For extremely dry and patchy skin, our Superfood Serum is your go to. This serum not only nourishes your skin and brings it back to life, it will also help get rid of any dry patches on your skin. Giving it a radiant and dewy glow.

Oily Skin
This is another skin type that can be difficult to work with as enlarged pores do not make it easy to keep blemishes at bay. Other then enlarged pores, those with this skin type will experience dull or shiny skin (giving off a thick complexion) and blackheads, pimples and/or other blemishes.
Oiliness can depend on: the time of year, weather, puberty or other hormonal imbalances, stress, heat or too much humidity.
For oily skin, we recommend cleansing your face twice a day (mornings and evenings). Use a gentle cleanser - like our Face Foam - to protect the moisture on your face, while getting the cleanse you need. Non-comedogenic ingredients are a must. Our Phyto Clear contains non-comedogenic squalane oil, which will help to reduce the look of pores and keep oiliness/blemishes at bay.
The perfect routine for oily skin: cleanse with Face Foam + Bamboo Charcoal Sponge, tone with Face Food Mineral Mist, hydrate and plump with Fullmoon Serum, and finish off with Phyto Clear!

      Sensitive Skin

       This skin type is by far the most difficult one to work with, because more often then not, will react to anything and everything. Sensitivity can show up as redness, itchiness, a burning sensation and/or dryness. 

      One way to avoid triggers, is to make sure you are using products that are carefully formulated, without any toxins and unnatural ingredients. 

      We recommend patch testing any new product you add into your routine even if it is from a sensitive skin care line. Our Face Foam is a gentle cleanser that is formulated for those with reactive, sensitive skin. Face Foam paired with our Super Sensitive Skin Stuff moisturizer is a simple routine that will not make your skin react. Skin Stuff is infused with healing ingredients and botanical ceramide to help strengthen your skin barrier.