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Blue tansy flowers with blue sky and water in the background

Ingredient Highlight: Blue Tansy


Other names: Tanacetum Annuum Flower/Leaf/Stem Oil

What it is: soothing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

You can find it in: Fullmoon Serum, Intimacy Oil

Blue Tansy oil is derived from the plant Tanacetum Annuum, which originated in Morocco. 

Funny enough, despite its flowers being bright yellow, Blue Tansy oil has a beautiful indigo-blue colour. This is due to a chemical compound within the plant called chamazulene. This aromatic chemical compound is only released during the oil-making steam distillation process as it reacts with the hot water vapour. 

What makes Blue Tansy such a wonderful ingredient?

Woman applying Intimacy Oil to leg

Blue Tansy is one of the plant-based ingredients that doesn’t have a ton of clinical research behind it. But anecdotally speaking, many people have found it to be beneficial.

The biggest benefits of Blue Tansy are its anti-inflammatory properties.

Most commonly, people have found Blue Tansy to significantly relieve their skin redness and irritation, leaving skin calmer and with a more even complexion. This is partly due to chamazulene. In addition to providing that beautiful blue colour, chamazulene also packs some serious anti-inflammatory properties. 

It’s speculated that camphor, a terpene (organic compound), may also contribute to Blue Tansy’s overall anti-inflammatory properties due to its soothing and calming effects. 

Blue Tansy has also been shown to deliver certain skin healing benefits.

This is also thanks to camphor, which is known to relieve itchiness and skin irritation. Camphor’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can also aid the skin as it heals from wounds and skin trauma. This is demonstrated in a 2015 study where camphor was shown to improve skin after exposure to UV damage.

Blue Tansy also has certain levels of antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants help to scavenge for skin-damaging free radicals and protect your collagen and elastin from breaking down. And as you may know, collagen and elastin are the stuff in our skin that keeps it smooth, supple and bouncy. This means that Blue Tansy can also protect your skin and help you age gracefully.

Who is Blue Tansy good for?

Woman pulling dropper out of bottle of Fullmoon Serum

If you’ve been dealing with skin redness or irritated skin, we’d encourage you to try products with Blue Tansy.

You should look for this ingredient in a serum or cream, where it’s safe for your skin and has been properly formulated to work synergistically with the other ingredients. We’d caution against applying pure Blue Tansy oil onto your skin, as concentrated essential oils can be seriously irritating and end up doing the opposite of what you intended.

Our Fullmoon Serum and Intimacy Oil are both formulated with Blue Tansy so you can experience the benefits of this ingredient on your face and body. 

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