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The Nourishing Minerals in Face Food

The Nourishing Minerals in Face Food

We've created the ultimate hydrophilic element to your skincare routine, and that's thanks to the nourishing minerals in Face Food. Our facial mist acts as a nutrient delivery system and skin barrier penetrator for maximum absorption and amplified effectiveness of the products you use before and after it. 

All of its precious (and semi-precious!) ingredients serve to make your skincare products work even harder than they already do. 


Malachite, a turquiose-coloured gemstone helps to detoxify, protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, and increase collagen production resulting in a more youthful looking complexion. 

Find malachite also in our Fullmoon Serum.


Besides decreasing inflammation, zinc readily penetrates into the skin cells on your face creating almost instant hydration and cell therapy. It provides 28 times the skin's natural protection against the sun’s UVA & UVB rays.

Find zinc also in our Putty and Face Glow.


The molecule size of our silver infused water effectively penetrates skin cells on the face to help kill bacteria while reducing the appearance of red and blotchy skin. Silver also neutralizes harmful sodium-fluoride found in the drinking water with which you wash your face. Silver has also been demonstrated to accelerate the healing of damage to the body, including burns, infections and soft tissue damage. Used externally as we do in our Face Food Mineral Mist, this will likely benefit skin problems related to acne, inflammation, irritation, rashes and so on. 


Magnesium balances your complexion, and is extremely soothing to skin. It does a wonderful job at combating skin allergies.


Copper is an essential mineral that is needed by all tissues in the body. It is involved in the production of collagen and elastin. The copper water used in our products readily penetrates into the skin cells on your face, creating almost instant hydration and cell therapy.

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