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Can Probiotics Help With Skin Inflammation?

Can Probiotics Help With Skin Inflammation?

We all know probiotics are good for your gut health but did you know they can also benefit your skin?

Probiotics are good bacteria and yeast. If your gut health is off that can show up in your skin. Taking an orally ingested supplement can help but applying a probiotic topically can deliver good bacteria to your skin directly and give you more immediate results.

What does good bacteria do?

Adding beneficial bacteria to your skin makes it stronger and more able to fight back against bad bacteria and environmental stressors. Probiotics also have anti-inflammatory benefits (if you are dealing with acne or eczema) and has anti aging properties.

What happens if you don’t have enough probiotics in your system?

Inflammation is a dead giveaway that there could be something wrong in your gut.

With our Berry Rich we use a vegan probiotic to help restore balance to your skin and help reduce signs of aging.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

They prevent inflammation, they are anti-microbial, strengthen skin barrier, prevent premature skin aging! Such a powerhouse ingredient!

 Want to learn more about the ingredients in Berry Rich? Learn about blueberries and Blue Majik here. 

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