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Jade and Rose Quartz Facial Rollers on soft blue background

Facial Rollers: How to Add This Popular Skincare Tool to Your Routine


There are countless skincare tools on the market. Some are worth the hype, others not so much. Today, we’re going to talk about one of my favourites: the facial roller! To me, these little beauties deserve all the attention they get. Facial rollers are reasonably priced, easy to use and even if there isn’t a tonne of scientific research to back up the benefits, using a facial roller feels nice.

So let’s dive in and discuss facial rollers!

What is a facial roller?

Facial rollers gained major popularity a few years ago but they are not a new invention. In fact, it’s believed that the origin of facial rollers can be traced back to ancient China. 

These easy-to-use skincare tools have a handle and an oblong piece of semi-precious stone that you (surprise, surprise) roll across your face. Imagine a tiny paint roller. Some facial rollers have a large gemstone roller at one end and a smaller gemstone roller on the other. Jade or rose quartz seem to be the most popular stones used for facial rollers.

Because I love gemstones (we use malachite in our Fullmoon Serum and Face Food Mineral Mist) let’s go a little bit off topic and talk about the properties of jade and rose quartz. 

Fullmoon Serum with Malachite stone

Jade is considered the stone of eternal youth. Nephrite jade is connected to the heart and root chakras. It’s believed to improve skin conditions and help with the lymphatic system.

Rose quartz is considered the stone of love and is connected to the heart chakra. It’s believed that rose quartz improves circulation and skin conditions.

It's easy to see why these two stones are the most popular choices for facial rollers.

What do facial rollers do?

In addition to providing a delightfully relaxing facial massage, facial rollers are thought to improve blood flow, reduce puffiness and aid with absorption of skincare products.

As I mentioned earlier, the scientific research to support the benefits of using a facial roller are lacking. But that doesn’t mean there are no studies at all! 

Facial rollers are thought to help with the distribution and absorption of skincare products.

In 2018, researchers set out to determine if using a facial roller had an impact on blood flow. Through a small, five-week study, it was determined that a five minute massage using a facial roller increased skin blood flow for a short time after the massage. So what’s the benefit of increased blood flow to the face? Well, blood carries oxygen and nutrients through our bodily tissue (including skin cells) and transports waste away. By increasing blood flow, we get an influx of nutrients to the skin. In addition, increased blood flow to the facial skin can give your cheeks a healthy glow! 

It’s believed that using a facial roller can also help to reduce puffiness in the face (bye-bye eye bags) by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Basically, lymphatic fluid can build up and cause puffiness. Gently using a facial roller can help to get some of that lymphatic fluid moving. 

To be clear, lymphatic drainage massage is a proven solution for people with lymphatic system conditions (such as lymphedema); however, experts disagree on the aesthetic benefits of facial lymphatic drainage. 

In addition to increasing blood flow and reducing puffiness, facial rollers are thought to help with the distribution and absorption of skincare products. There’s really no research to support this, but it’s believed that the pressure from using a facial roller can help your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin. Sounds good to me!

Want to find out for yourself if facial rollers really work? Let’s discuss how to properly use one.

How to use a facial roller

Using a facial roller seems pretty simple, right? It is, but it’s a little more nuanced than just rolling the thing all over your face. Hint: direction matters!

Step 1: lubricate

Facial rolling without lubrication can result in uncomfortable tugging. Start by applying an oil-based facial serum, such as our Moon Boost Serum, to your freshly cleansed face and neck. 

Step 2: roll

Starting at the base of the neck, using gentle pressure, roll upwards toward your jaw. Repeat until you’ve covered the front of your neck. Try not to roll up and down. 

Next, starting at the centre of your chin, roll outwards along your jawline. Move up and roll along the cheeks from the side of your nose to your ear. Repeat on the other side of your face. 

Woman using jade facial roller

Place the roller between your eyebrows and roll upwards toward your hairline. Moving across your eyebrow towards your temple, continue rolling in an upward motion. Repeat on the other side.

If you have a double sided facial roller, use the small end to gently roll under your eyes. Start in the corner and roll outwards toward your temple. Again, repeat on the opposite side.

This process should take about five minutes. Try not to rush it! An older study from 2008 found that facial massage can reduce anxiety and improve your mood. This is the time to forget about your to-do list and be mindful of the sensations you feel as the roller glides across your skin.

Step 3: clean

If you don’t clean your facial roller after every use, you’re just going to be rubbing bacteria all over of your face (yuck)! Luckily, keeping your roller clean is pretty simple. In fact, it’s very similar to hand washing your dishes (but please don’t use dish soap). 

Add a drop or two of gentle soap, such as our All Over Soap, to a wet cloth and wipe both ends of your facial roller. Rinse thoroughly and wipe away excess moisture. I recommend laying your facial roller on a clean towel to allow for a thorough air dry. 

Never use harsh or abrasive cleansers and never allow your facial roller to soak in water.


  • A facial rollers is an easy-to-use beauty tool that dates back to ancient China.
  • More research is needed, but anecdotal evidence suggests that facial rollers can:
    • help reduce puffiness;
    • give the complexion a healthy glow;
    • help skincare products penetrate deeper.
  • Always apply an oil-based serum before facial rolling.
  • Remember that direction matters when using a facial roller.
  • Always clean your facial roller with a gentle cleanser after each use.
  • Add our facial roller and Moon Boost Serum to your skincare routine and experience the uplifting feeling of facial rolling.


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