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Sensitive Vs Sensitized Skin

Sensitive Vs Sensitized Skin

Take a second to think - have you always felt like you had sensitive skin? 

In Other Words...

Does any of the following sound like you?
Has your skin always felt tight, usually dry but oily in the summer, has red patches or uneven texture, often reacts to skincare, or easily develops rashes and or is itchy (uncomfortably itchy)?
Then you, my friend, might have sensitive skin.

It is common for people with sensitive skin to feel tingling, or stinging when using conventional skincare products. It’s been found that those with sensitive skin, are naturally born with a thinner Stratum Corneum - otherwise known as your skin's outermost layer or the skin barrier. This makes it easier for things outside to get inside, and vice versa. (Yikes!)

What Should You Do?

Treat your sensitive skin to a gentle cleanse that’s both hydrating and skin barrier boosting. We like to mix Face Foam with Aloe Milk Cleanser (yes two cleansers!) to create the ultimate creamy, foamy goodness your face deserves. Together, they work to help soothe, hydrate and balance your skin while protecting and nourishing your skin barrier (hooray!). 

If your stratum corneum is super thin, you should mindfully avoid harsh exfoliation. The Bamboo Charcoal Sponge helps remove dirt from your pores, without excessively exfoliating your skin - it’s ultra gentle. This sponge used with the double cleanser combo is exactly what your sensitive skin needs!

Don’t forget about your hydrating and protective creams! Skin Stuff's long form name is "Super Sensitive Skin Stuff" for a reason! It is infused with a botanical ceramide that helps support the renewal of the skin’s protective barrier. The maple sap water helps hydrate, black currant seed oil helps reduce irritation, evening primrose oil helps sooth and firm, and rose hip helps promote regeneration and collagen production! It truly is the miracle cream for sensitive skin types (and anyone else who wants something gentle and effective). 

This Is All Great...But…

I haven’t forgotten about those with sensitized skin. The difference between sensitive skin and sensitized skin is that YOU are the cause of sensitized skin! Sensitive skin you are born with. Sensitized skin you are creating. 

You cause your skin to be sensitized by over exfoliating and over stimulating. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good skincare routine, but it’s super easy to overdo it. There are millions of products out in the market, that all seem to fit great in that 17-step skincare routine... Naturally, you start combining a bunch of these products together, and you keep adding to your routine. What's often overlooked is that using all of these products at the same time can actually over stimulate your skin. It’s like they say - you don't want too much of a good thing.

Don’t over water your plants

De-Sensitize Yourself

Keep in mind that if you weren’t born with sensitive skin, you still need to be mindful of how much you are doing to your skin. Red irritated skin is a sign to reduce your skincare routine to a simple few hydrating and repairing goodies, and avoiding harsh exfoliation, until your skin starts to feel and look like itself.

Need an extra dose of healing? The Putty is made with a plethora of healing ingredients that help to reduce redness and skin irritation, and works great as an overnight mask to help boost new skin generation in your sleep! 

All-in-all, be wary of sensitive skin versus sensitized skin - treat your skin kindly!