Skin Consult + Tea with Graydon

Sorry! Tea With Graydon is not available in the US. 

Looking to curate the perfect skincare regimen tailored to your specific skin type? Let
Graydon help you reveal the natural beauty that has been hiding behind your skin while enjoying a freshly brewed pot of tea. Each individual’s skin type is unique depending on age, genetics, and diet, which is why a proper routine can make or break your skin.

Graydon will welcome you into her Riverdale studio (and home) for a one-on-one 1 hour personal meeting. You will learn about the benefits of using 'plant powered' skincare while finding the right products for your skin type.

This sensory experience also makes a wonderful and unique gift for an extra special person in your life.

Your one-on-one includes:

- A special blend of tea (or if you prefer, a smoothie)
- Graydon’s very own holistic tips + DIY tricks to bring out the best in your skin
- Sampling and smelling the product line