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Meet Graydon


Hi, I’m Graydon, the founder and mind behind Graydon Skincare. I am on a mission to give you good skin days, every day, with my unique, powerfully-natural, plant-based skincare products. My focus is on formulating with nutrient-dense, clinically-proven superfood ingredients that nourish your skin from the outside in. 

This mission and my formulations are deeply personal. Like most people, I’ve had to navigate some significant health concerns. These struggles fuelled my drive and commitment to wellness. I can’t say that my healing journey was quick or simple. It’s been a daily commitment to small, consistent steps toward wellness. This journey led me to become a vegan chef, yoga practitioner and skincare entrepreneur. 

My product inspiration comes from my passion for health-enhancing ingredients that help you feel and look good. I infuse my skincare with adaptogens and superfoods just like I do with my food. While my products are still inspired by my time in the kitchen, product development has graduated to a small batch production facility where real people carefully produce our uniquely original formulas. 

No matter your gender, skin type or tone, we have a simple and effective system of products to help bring to life radiant, healthy skin. So please, I invite you to try our full line of products and take pleasure in nourishing your skin from the outside in. 

When using Graydon Skincare products, do so mindfully and enjoy the feeling of your skin. Take an extra deep breath, indulge in the subtle aromas of our plant-based, superfood ingredients, then exhale fully. And above all, know that our award winning, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and sustainability-focused products are created with thoughtfulness and care.

From my heart,

Click here to learn even more about my journey to wellness and what drives my mission to give you good skin days, every day.


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