Introducing Keto Cleanse!

Introducing Keto Cleanse!

I feel so lucky that we get a lot of feedback and when we heard that so many of you were struggling to get rid of makeup, sunscreen and other built-up product on your skin it really inspired me to come up with a clean and easy solution to get rid of the other gunk on your face that's causing a traffic jam in your pores.

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In case you need further convincing, and just in case you didn't know, at the end of a typical day, just think about the number of things that have been layered on your face... moisturizer, hopefully some sunscreen and probably a mixture of make up (like some sort of foundation/concealer, a little blush, eye makeup, powder). Add to this dirty fingers, some build up on your cell phone and unless you live in a hermetically sealed dome, then you can add a healthy dose of air pollution as well. 

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Before you go to sleep, hopefully, you use a decent cleanser and finish with a few splashes of water. Hopefully, you do not use a face wash with harsh ingredients to remove the debris that’s accumulated, leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean but disrupting your acid mantle (the protective layer of your skin) in the process stripping your skin in order to remove all traces of makeup, which in turn usually results in a rollercoaster ride of dryness followed by an over-production of sebum. 

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Why and how does our Keto Cleanse work?

The answer is simple actually, Oil dissolves the gunk (makeup, dirt, sweat, and pollution) because all of this goo is actually held together by oil. The simple chemistry is oil dissolves oil. So, once all this goop is broken down, it can be easily washed away.

All you need to do is a massage a few drops of our Keto Cleanse when you start your before bed routine then whether you're at the sink or in the shower just lather up with your favourite cleanser [insert link] and watch everything rinse down the drain. Our bamboo charcoal sponge [insert link] makes this experience extra easy as it's black in colour and easy to rinse so you won't have to use any wipes or risk staining your wash cloth.

Even Better...

Our pre-cleansing oil doesn’t contain any surfactants (that's what makes most cleansers foamy) so it doesn’t just have to be used to cleanse. You can apply it before you shower to protect your skin from the damage of harsh hot water... Or try running a little through the ends of your hair to tame flyaways. It's even brilliant as a post shave oil and cuticle conditioner (not kidding, my manicurist loves it). You can even tap a drop onto your cheekbones for a little end of day rehydration and illumination.