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What Your Skin Needs During Summer

What Your Skin Needs During Summer

Summer is nearly here! With the seasons changing and your skin’s needs evolving as a result, it’s a perfect time to reassess your skincare routine. Now that winter is over, you’ll be facing all the new skin changes warm weather brings, and learning how to support your skin during these hotter months will have you set up for a summer of glowing, healthy skin!

Here’s three ways your skin’s needs might change and the perfect products and ingredients to support a refreshed skincare routine.

Your Skin Will Love a Lighter Moisturizer

Skin tends to be drier in winter. With warm weather here, you might not need as much support anymore. That’s why swapping out your thicker cream for something lighter will still give your skin all the hydration it needs without going too heavy.

We recommend Phyto Clear for the summer months because of its gel-cream texture. It feels super light on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving no residue on your skin that might congest it. Plus, Phyto Clear contains bakuchiol and moth bean, two kinds of botanical retinol alternatives that don’t leave you sensitive to the sun so you can get all the great benefits of retinol without the light sensitivities.

P.S. Phyto Clear can also help with the changes we talk about below. Chlorella and broccoli seed oil shield skin from free radical damage and environmental pollution, and a blend of 4 different herbs clarify and tone the skin, meaning you can say goodbye to congestion and hello to clear, protected skin.

If you love your regular moisturizer and don’t want to make a switch, there’s a simple way you can make your moisturizer perfect for the summer. Take a few drops of a water-based serum like Supermoon Serum (or even a spritz of Face Food) and mix it in with your moisturizer! A water-based serum will lighten the consistency plus add all the delicious skin benefits of whatever serum you pick–in Supermoon’s case, ingredients that hydrate, protect, plump, and firm skin!

Watch skin therapist Seanna Cohen’s video to learn why this works so well!


Your Skin Will Produce More Sweat + Sebum

When it’s hot, you sweat more. But did you know your skin also produces more sebum during the summer? These two in combination mean your skin might need some extra love to keep it from becoming congested–you might even find yourself breaking out!

If you notice your skin becomes oilier and more congested in the warm months, using a cleanser with an acid exfoliant is a fantastic solution.

We recommend Face Foam, which exfoliates your skin with white willow bark (a natural BHA) and azelaic acid while still being gentle on sensitive skin.

What makes BHA exfoliants like white willow bark so great is that they unclog pores and regulate sebum production. Azelaic acid gently removes dead skin cells–so gently, in fact, that it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Another way to make sure you’re cleaning the dirt, debris, and sweat from your skin is to double cleanse. The idea behind double cleansing is to use one cleanser (like Aloe Milk) to clean your face of oil-based impurities such as excess sebum, sunscreen, and makeup, and then cleanse again with another (like Face Foam) that will tackle water-based impurities, such as sweat and dead skin cells. Adding something like a washcloth or exfoliating sponge takes this to the next level. 

Here’s even more tips for dealing with congested skin.

Your Flushed Skin Will Want a Refresh Throughout the Day

It’s getting warmer, and dealing with flushed, hot-to-the-touch skin starts to be more of a daily concern. We’ve always recommended Face Food after a workout to give a red, overheated face a refreshing spritz, but when it’s summer, you don’t have to hit the gym to get all hot and sweaty–just being outside will do it!

So a little pick me up in the warmer months in the form of a facial mist can help cool down your skin and rehydrate it–which is especially helpful after losing some water through sweating. It can also help calm any redness if you find your skin gets easily flushed in the heat.

Why we love our facial mist, Face Food, in particular is because of all the protective minerals in the formula–we call it a “weightless protective shield” for a reason! It contains magnesium to calm the skin, copper to rejuvenate, zinc to mattify, absorb oil, and protect the skin barrier, and malachite to shield the skin from oxidative damage and environmental stressors.

A facial mist is the perfect product to carry in your purse, but one of our fave tips is to actually keep your mist in your fridge… it makes your mid-day spritz extra refreshing!

Hello, Summer Skin! 👋☀️

We’re counting down the days to summer–and we bet you are too. While the warm weather is always something to look forward to, helping your skin as it deals with the change in season can make the start of your summer even better!

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