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Why We Have Waterless Formulas
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Why We Have Waterless Formulas

'Waterless' and 'water-free' products refer to formulas that are free from water. Why do we want this? Because LESS water means MORE hard working ‘active’ ingredients. 


We’ve broken down the 3 main reasons why our best selling moisturizers are waterless, and why you should care!

1. Higher percentage of, and more effective actives

Beauty products can be made up of up to 97% water, which means… 3% good stuff? Guess again.  By removing unnecessary water, we leave more room for active ingredients like botanical retinols and nourishing oils. This reduces the need for preservatives and other unnecessary fillers, making the products less diluted, less harmful and more effective.

2. Less water = Less chance of 🦠  

 Water breeds bacteria easily. Less water means less room for bacterial growth and more water likely means more harmful preservatives. It is common practice for conventional beauty products to contain high amounts of water (less costly as a filler), the use of harmful preservatives (in order to keep the bacteria count low) and thus, a much more diluted solution that may actually strip away the natural oils on your skin (due to evaporating water). In other words, we should stick to gentle, all-natural, vegetable based preservatives.

3. Reduces water consumption

Did you know that by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries with absolute water scarcity, while two-thirds of the world's population might be living under water-stressed conditions? Our goal in 2020 is to reduce our ecological footprint and going waterless is a step in that direction! Not only does 'waterless' reduce water-use, it can also help reduce our carbon footprint by selling products in more concentrated forms. Aka, more compact packages means less materials needed which also means, less space required for shipping!



All in all, it's time you consider 'waterless' with us. Help us, help you, help our planet! What do you think? :)


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