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Valentine’s Day at Graydon Skincare

Valentine’s Day at Graydon Skincare



Happy Valentines Day!

I know that people have differing opinions about this holiday; some love it and others don’t care for it. 

I was curious how my team members feel about this lovey-dovey day. I asked them if and how they celebrate, or if they had a special Valentine’s Day memory. The responses that I got were absolutely heartwarming. 

I wanted to spread some love today so I asked my team if I could share their stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Valentine’s Day memories

Our Sales + Operations Coordinator, Angélique, shared her favourite Valentine’s Day memory and it’ll have you saying “Awwwwwww.” 

“When I was 16 years old, I was completely enamoured with my boyfriend at the time. On Valentine’s day, he surprised me with a homemade meal and a big teddy bear that says ‘I love you.’ He presented me with a promise ring and asked if I would be with him forever. That boyfriend is now my beloved husband and the teddy bear recently got re-stuffed because I still love to hug it.”

I mean, wow! Talk about true romance and love. 

Here’s another super cute story from our Creative Director, Pedro.

“When I was in Grade 5, I liked this girl, Jennifer. Her mother was a teacher at the school. Around Valentine’s Day, we were cutting craft paper hearts to make cards that we would write the name of our Valentine on and bring to school the next day. I thought I'd get more creative, so the next day on my walk to school, I picked (stole) some flowers from my neighbour's beautiful garden. I got to class early and put them in Jennifer's desk along with the heart with her name on it. No From because I was too shy! I watched her arrive and shove her books into her desk. When the teacher told us to get out our books, out came a small bouquet of dead flowers and assorted petals smooshed onto her book.”

“I moved away later that year. Ten years later, I was a supply teacher and got assigned to my old school. Walking the hallways, I recognized a teacher. She noticed that I was looking at her and came up to me. ‘You must be one of my old students.’ She said, ‘Tell me your initials.’ I did. ‘Pedro!’ she exclaimed. After some small talk, she started walking away, then turned to me and said ‘My daughter told me to tell you, thank you for the flowers.’”

Absolutely adorable! But celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t just mean making grand romantic gestures. 

Different ways to celebrate

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Some of our team members have romantic traditions, while others focus on friends and family. 

Our Digital Marketing Lead, Natalie, says that Valentine’s Day reminds her of a favourite restaurant. “My partner and I have made a tradition of going to this Italian restaurant just a couple blocks away. It's really traditional, and probably the best pasta I've had in Toronto. You feel like you're in Italy.” She adds, “And of course, I have a huge sweet tooth so Valentine's to me also equals chocolate.”

Customer Experience team member, Leah, also celebrates with food and chocolate. She told me, “Valentine’s Day and my birthday are only two days apart so I get extra spoiled! Usually with chocolate and a nice dinner.”

Fatima, another Customer Experience team member, shared her Valentine’s Day tradition and it’s one I think we should all adopt!

“I like to get cards and chocolate for my family and friends. I write in each card something I love about them and that they are appreciated.” 

How sweet is that? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a celebration of romantic love. It’s a great opportunity to remind those closest to you that you love them.

Instead of Valentine’s Day, our Sales Strategy + Brand Expert, Ange, celebrates Galentine’s Day. She says, “One of my best friends has her birthday on the 14th so it's lots of chocolate and chatting.” She adds, “Plus I have so much fun helping my daughter make Valentine's cards to hand out to her classmates. It's so sweet to see all the little notes come home from her buddies at school.”

When I was in elementary school, I used to love exchanging those little Valentine’s Day cards with my classmates. I can still picture the sloppy Crayon printing and poorly drawn hearts. As an adult, I celebrate Valentine’s Day with some self-care. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect and remember the importance of loving yourself. 

My Valentine’s Day self-care routine

I start my routine with a soothing bath, surrounded by candles scented with calming essential oils. While filling the tub, I create luxurious bubbles by adding a few pumps of All Over Soap to the running water. In honour of Valentine’s Day, I also like to add some rose petals to the bath water. I apply a Putty mask before sliding into the tub. Once in the tub, I indulge in a small glass of Mateus Rosé and meditate. 

After my bath, I pat myself dry before applying All Over Face + Body Lotion. Next, I follow up with Intimacy Oil. That’s right, lotion and oil. I call this a moisture sandwich! 

Graydon Skincare Intimacy Oil and All Over Lotion with cinnamon hearts

All Over Lotion is formulated with olive and jojoba oils to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Intimacy Oil contains milk thistle and vitamin E to protect and revitalize the skin. And because it’s an oil, it helps seal in moisture and slow transepidermal water loss. If you’re worried that applying a body oil will make you feel greasy, don’t be! Intimacy Oil is a dry oil, meaning it doesn’t leave a greasy residue so you can get dressed immediately after applying; and that’s exactly what I do. 

I slip into my coziest PJs before focusing on my face. Using a dampened Bamboo Charcoal Sponge, I wipe away any remaining Putty from my face mask. Next, I apply a few drops of Moon Boost Serum to my face and neck. I absolutely love this ultra-nourishing serum. Formulated with seven vitamins and minerals, it gives your skin everything it needs to look and feel its best. 

Moon Boost pairs wonderfully with our limited edition Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, rose quartz is considered the stone of unconditional love. It’s thought that rose quartz helps to enhance love relationships by opening the heart chakra. 

Once I’ve applied Moon Boost, I give myself a gentle facial massage using my Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Not only does it feel amazing, using a facial roller helps to increase blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase the absorption of skincare products. That means you’ll feel good, look good and get the most out of Moon Boost Serum! Click here to learn more about the benefits of facial rollers and how to use them. 

Facial Roller and Moon Boost Serum on wash cloth

By the time I finish with my bath and skincare routines, I’m ready to curl up on the couch with a book. But Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate, so I serve myself a helping (or two) of homemade Vegan Chocolate Mousse

And there you have it, my indulgent self-care routine to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Final words

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your one true love, friends and family or by enjoying some quiet time alone, I hope that you feel loved; not just today, but every day. 


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Image Credits Teddy bear image by: TanyaSid
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