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New Moon, New You: Self Healing Ritual
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New Moon, New You: Self Healing Ritual

The new moon solar eclipse this coming Saturday on August 11th marks the end of the eclipse season.

This means that things which have been troubling like bad habits, destructive behaviour, and challenging relationships — may naturally come to an end. You may find it easier let go of anything (or anyone) that is not serving your higher good making room for new opportunities to enter into your life. 

Not sure about you, but for me 2018 has been a roller-coaster ride and there have been some life lessons learned and some happenings not easy for me to overcome. The words 'unpleasant' and 'uncomfortable' are feelings I have become far too familiar with throughout this turbulence.

The teaching that has helped keep me grounded is the well-known proverb my grandmother always whispered in my ear when I was little, "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference." When I feel conflicted and can't decide what to do about something, it is this age-old saying that helps ground me let go or take action.

My mentor says that I need to work at letting go of my attachment issues and this I gotta tell you is not easy for my perfectionistic, highly sensitive, anxiety-prone self. 

I am told that letting go is vital for soul growth because when we attempt to hold on, we remain stuck in old energy and struggle to move onward and create new experiences, relationships, and opportunities.

It's easier for me to see this in others and not myself but I think it's true that we human beings don't do a great job at realizing what we're holding onto, as our emotions (at least mine) can become trapped within our subconscious. Can any of you relate?

I have learned (the hard way by making some of the same mistakes again and again) that the simplest, most efficient way to spiritually awaken is to accept that all I really have is this present moment, and anything in the past or future is no longer or not yet part of my current reality.

So much of my pain and suffering is due to anxiety over what’s already happened or of fear of what might happen. Even though I know better, my active mind (especially in the middle of night) can waste so much energy conjuring up silly 'what if' scenarios. 

I've also come to accept that the ups and downs in life are essential for my (soul) growth and personal transformation. Not easy stuff. But w
hen I am able to let go with grace and gratitude, I have also discovered that this gives me energy to focus on manifesting a beautiful existence in the  p r e s e n t  moment. 
I find that surrendering is one of the most powerful ways to shift and heal. Again, I come back to my grandmother's teachings that not everything or everyone is meant to be in our lives. When my Granny used to tell me this when I was a teenager I really had no idea what she was talking about. Little did I know that it would be so many years later that her pearls of wisdom would finally ring true.

So all that said, and back to the moon, one of the best ways to approach this new moon is to spend some time looking up at the sky to slow down from the busy-ness of your life so that new energy can fill your consciousness and old (stagnant) energy can leave.

Here's a little self-healing ritual you can do for yourself

1. While looking up at the night sky, try to breathe slowly and deeply to calm your mind.

2. Write on a piece of paper something that you wish to release. It can be a word, a sentence, or an entire paragraphs full of detail—whatever you want to purge!

3. Read out loud what you've written, and then tear that piece of paper apart and allow yourself to let go of the energy relating to what you want to purge.

4. Inhale through your nose, allowing your belly to expand, while pausing between your inhale and exhale. Remind yourself that your in-breath symbolizes the manifestation of new beginnings, and your out-breath signifies endings or releasing.

5. Continue to breath and allow your thoughts swim around in your head. Notice which ones are repetitive and imagine them disappearing into the night sky.

6. With loving kindness, send a message to the universe to release what is no longer serving your higher self, and ask the universe for acceptance in the present moment you are in.

7. When you feel your mind casting back or projecting forward, give it a gentle nudge to bring it back to the here and now.

8. Send out gratitude to the people and things presently serving your 'higher self', as well as the earth that supports you below.

9. Lastly, remind yourself that you really do have the power to shift how you feel by remaining aware and in control of your thoughts.

You are now ready to live your life and create your reality (hopefully, I trust) feeling lighter, freer, more open and ready for new experiences.

Sending you much love,
Graydon xo
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