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Matcha Relaxation Needed

Matcha Relaxation Needed

We all hold onto stress someway or another, and it’s been said that we tend to hold onto stress around our head. In other words, we tense up around our hairlines, behind our ears and in our necks. This accumulation of tension is due to daily stressors and our postures (like the mid-day slouch at the office!).  

A great way to alleviate these tensions would be by treating yourself to a wonderfully, relaxing head massage. 

  1. Lay in any comfortable position that will help get blood flowing from your body to your head (like lying flat on your back).
  2. Apply a generous amount of Hair Smoothie onto your hands. Start to gently comb from the top of your head downwards applying enough pressure to feel your skin. 
  3. Repeat step 2, but from the front to the back of the head.
  4. Use small circular motions around your head and hairline.
  5. Cleanse or wipe your hands clean. Lightly tap your fingers all over your head, including your hairline.
  6. Finally, gently tug on small sections of your hair, outward. 

After these short few steps you should feel a slight tingling sensation (thanks to the peppermint) and relaxed feeling around your head and behind your ears. Treat yourself to moments like these! It’s super easy and healthy for your body and mind to find time to relax, so incorporate some self-care into your routine!

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