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Graydon Moffat, founder of Graydon Skincare

Reduce the Signs of Aging With 6 Easy Facial Yoga Exercises


You may have heard of a little phenomenon called facial yoga (even Meghan Markle does it) and it's no surprise. Facial exercises help promote and maintain supple skin and a toned face.

Facial yoga will help you de-stress and improve blood circulation for a more glowy complexion. In this article, I'll walk you through my favourite facial yoga moves. I find it's a great way to start the day or relax before dozing off at night. 

When doing facial yoga, always use an oil-based serum like Moon Boost Serum to help your hands glide across your skin. Start by rubbing a few drops of the serum into your hands then move on to these exercises. 

Jaw massage

Place the backs of your pointer fingers in front of your ears and move your fingers down your jaw towards your chin. This is a place that can store a lot of tension so it's important to give it some attention. 

jaw exercise facial yoga

Bags be gone

After you've given your jaw some TLC, move to your eye area. Gently press the backs of your thumbs on either side of your nose. Slide your thumbs along your cheekbones towards your temples. 

facial yoga undereye area

Frown no more 

Once you've done the lower eye area, it's time to move to the brow area. Place the backs of your pointer fingers just below your eyebrows and the back of your middle fingers just above your eyebrows. Gently slide your fingers from the innermost part of your eyebrow to the outer. This is one of my favourite facial yoga moves because it helps relieve a lot of computer-related eye tension. 

facial yoga eyebrows

Wrinkles away

Next, using the tips of all your fingers, gently tap all over your head. I know, it sounds silly, but there are so many nerve endings on your scalp and it's important to stimulate them from time to time. 

forehead tap facial yoga

The ear yank

Don't neglect your ears. Give them a good yank. Gently tug the bottoms of your earlobes or the tops of your ears. You'll be surprised by how much tension your ears hold! 

ears facial yoga

The neck stroke

Return to massaging the sides of your jaw before stroking your neck with your fingers from your chin downwards. This helps drain fluid from your lymph nodes and decreases swelling and puffiness you might have in your face. 

Repeat each of these moves until you feel your face start to relax. Be careful not to over do it! A few minutes each day is best.

End your facial yoga sessions by rubbing your hands together and pressing them against your face, warming your skin and the eye area. Follow up with a generous spritz of Face Food Mineral Mist to help hydrate and soothe the skin. 


  • Facial yoga is a popular way to reduce stress and minimize signs of aging.
  • Studies show that daily facial yoga exercises can improve the facial appearance.
  • Always use an oil-based serum to help your hands glide gently across your skin when performing facial yoga exercises.
  • Order our oil-based Moon Boost Serum and start your facial yoga practice today. 
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