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Celebrating International Women's Day at the Broadview Hotel

Celebrating International Women's Day at the Broadview Hotel

It was so great speaking at the Broadview Hotel for International Women's Day. We have a close relationship with the Broadview since we also supply the amenities in the hotel (yes, this means you can find our All Over Soap, Matcha Mint ShampooHair Smoothie and Face + Body Lotion when you spend the night! )

I was asked to speak on a panel to discuss culture, community and what it means to be a woman in this day and age. As a (female) entrepreneur I wanted to share my journey in starting Graydon Skincare (during which there've been many a bump along the road but well worth it in the end) and how I managed to find my voice in a fairly male-dominated space. (Sidebar: Did you know that within the conventional beauty sector over 90% of CEO's are men?) 

Anyway, back to the Broadview Hotel and IWD, this talk was moderated by the lovely Samora Smallwood, who is a local actor and the co-chair of ACTRA's Diversity Committee. 

I was joined by some amazing ladies from the East End like Anna Church, a sculptography artist, Anjuli Solanki, a City Builder with STEPS (a charitable public art organization) and Pauline Alimchandani, the Executive VP and CFO of Dream Unlimited Corp. 

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