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A woman with blond hair in a red three-quarter length shirt next to a Christmas tree and a Graydon Skincare Holiday Gift Set.

Canadian Green Gift Guide

I know that things have been a bit crazy this year. 

Okay, maybe very crazy. And maybe getting your loved ones Christmas gifts has slipped your mind. Or maybe you’ve just been so crazy busy that you just haven't had the time to shop. Either way, you’re probably in urgent need of some inspiration right now.

Well, you’re in luck!

I’m going to appear on the Ottawa CTV Morning Show on Tuesday, December 22nd to cover their Canadian Green Gift Guide segment (sneak a peek here 😉). So if you’re looking for gifts that are fun and nature-inspired and also support small Canadian businesses, then check out these 8 Green Gift Ideas.

  1.     Fullmoon Serum Mini - Graydon Skincare

As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, this serum is the ultimate girlfriend gift and stocking stuffer. This retinol alternative face serum soothes, smooths, corrects, and protects your skin for a more radiant complexion. Formulated with clinically-proven superfoods, its weightless formulation helps to shield your delicate facial skin from everyday pollutants and relieves redness due to inflammation.

An aquamarine-coloured retinol alternative face serum housed in a glass bottle against a white background. 
  1.     Lavender Essential Oil Incense - Province Apothecary

Imagine standing in a beautiful lavender field in the middle of the summer. Picture the sunshine and the beautiful aroma that envelops you. Feel the inner calmness. Now, you might not be able to see a lavender field, but this incense is the next best thing. 


Lavender essential oil incense in a black package by Province Apothecary against a white background.


  1.     Val Lip Kit - Evio

Look effortlessly in style. This super cute lip kit is the perfect combo. It includes a lip liner that’s creamy and long-wearing to line or fill your lips and a non-sticky, hydrating lip gloss in a neutral mauve shade.

A lip combo with a creamy, long-wearing lipliner to line or fill the lips and a hydrating, non-sticky lip gloss in a neutral mauve shade against a white background.
  1.     Cedarwood + Ylang Ylang Candle - Cardea Auset

Combining the sweet, woodsy blend of Texas cedarwood with Madagascar ylang ylang, this candle promotes relaxation and quickly calms the mind. Light it and let its beautiful aroma enhance your space.A natural, GMO-free soy candle scented with essential oils of Texas cedarwood and Madagascar ylang ylang and housed in luxe, pale pink glass with hand stamped white text against a white background.

  1.     Overnight Dry Shampoo - Kaia Naturals

Powered by detoxifying activated charcoal and a blend of ultra-micronized powders, this dry shampoo works to absorb odour and oil to instantly refresh your hair and add volume.

An overnight dry shampoo for brunette hair that goes on dry and propels powders without hair and scalp damaging propellants like butane and propane against a white background.

  1.     MILK Coconut + Vanilla Mineral Bath Soak - Bathorium

This hydrating bath soak is made with a base of creamy coconut milk, coconut CO2 and luscious oat milk. Perfect for sensitive skin, this soak will envelop you with its light aroma of pure organic Madagascar bourbon vanilla.

A coconut and vanilla mineral bath soak in a white, luxe-looking resealable sachet against a white background.

  1. Moon Sisters (with Activated Charcoal, Magnesium & Prebiotics) - Routine Cream

This natural deodorant evokes a whimsical sense of summer nostalgia with its beautiful aroma of neroli and rose. Containing activated charcoal, magnesium and prebiotics, this is a lovely gift for the green product lover in your life. 

A grey-coloured natural deodorant housed in a purple-coloured cardboard and post consumer recycled plastic tube against a white background.
  1.     Universal Crème (shade: Love) - Elate Cosmetics

This blush combines hydration and protection with a colourful mineral finish. Created with nourishing vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, this neutral bright pink shade is your perfect match for creating naturally flushed cheeks and lips, adding a fresh finish.

A bright, neutral pink shade that's perfect for creating naturally flushed cheeks and lips in bamboo packaging against a white background.

So there you have it! 

If you’re looking for gifts that are kind to the environment and Canadian-made, then this list is the perfect inspiration. Give these items to your loved ones or keep them for yourself, we won’t tell 😉


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