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AM Smoothies // PM Cocktails

AM Smoothies // PM Cocktails

These are some of the messages that I got after sharing my Hydration Explosion Skincare Smoothie recipe the other day. Wow! Everyone really seemed to love it, huh? 😍

As you may recall, I mentioned that this is my fav recipe to use whenever my skin goes through a dry and dull phase. Maybe it’s that time of the month 🙄  or maybe I get a bit busy and kinda neglect my skincare game. We’ve all been there! When that happens, I make this ‘smoothie’ and apply it to my skin at night. The result is me waking up with beautifully glowy and perfectly hydrated skin. Seriously! This recipe is such a game changer and it’s helped reset my skin sooo many times. 

But of course, I don’t do this every single day. In fact, this recipe is a bit on the extra side and I really only use it on those odd occasions. And as a busy business owner, I don’t always have time for an elaborate beauty routine. I mean, think about it. When you’re busy rushing out of the door in the morning, you can’t always afford that extra 1 minute to wait for each skincare product to settle in. I’m sure you can relate.

“Graydon, I tried your skincare smoothie recipe and I LOVED it” “Thx, this saves me so much time at night” “I totally didn’t know you can mix them like that.” “GTG, gonna try this now!”

So for my everyday use, I have these 2 other go-to recipes that are much simpler and quicker. To make them, just put the products onto the palm of your hand and mix them up evenly. Then apply them all over your face and neck ( Don’t forget to do a patch test first to avoid any potential irritation!) using the effleurage technique for glowing skin.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 


Clean + Clear Skin AM Smoothie

Fullmoon Serum - 3 drops
Face Food Mineral Mist - 1 spray
Phyto Clear - 1 pump

I use this recipe in the morning before leaving for work. It’s so effective because it combines products that will hydrate and protect your skin against environmental stressors, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a daytime skincare routine.

Calm + Soothe Skin PM Cocktail

Superfood Serum - 3 drops
Face Food Mineral Mist - 1 spray
The Putty - 1 pump

I reserve this recipe for the evening, before going to bed. It’s so effective because it combines products that will moisturize and repair your skin after a long day outside - which is what you should look for in a night-time skincare routine.

Depending on what your skin's needs are, you might have to make a different smoothie/cocktail. If you need help with that, email and one of our product experts will assist you.

Later this month, I’ll be hosting a Masterclass on IG live and I’ll be showing you these smoothies and more. It’ll be interactive so you’ll be able to ask questions. Mark October 25th in your calendar and stay tuned for news on the Masterclass box with everything you’ll need to follow the masterclass at home.

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