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Why We Created Intimacy Oil

Why We Created Intimacy Oil

My journey into skincare started when I became involved in the wellness world while living in Santa Monica (having moved to LA for graduate school some years ago).

This was also a time in my life that I was battling an eating disorder. It was my work as a vegan chef and yoga instructor that helped to bring me back to life.

I became committed to creating a more positive relationship with myself and my skin, but I still struggled to do things like put on body lotion. I didn’t like touching or feeling my hands on my body or the residue that many lotions and oils leave on your skin. I knew that one day, I wanted to create a product that felt really good on my skin and this was the inspiration for me to create Intimacy Oil. 

I created it so that people like myself could feel really great putting it on. I made it to create more intimacy between you and your skin. This product just feels so incredibly good. It will make you enjoy touching your skin!

Intimacy Oil is a multipurpose dry body oil that can be used on wet or dry skin as a body oil or as massage oil, hair oil, cuticle oil and shaving oil.

We infused it with some of our favourite ingredients. Hydrate and moisturize with fast-absorbing squalane oil. Smooth your skin with omega-rich fatty acids from hemp seed oil. Protect from environmental stressors with milk thistle. Even out skin tone with vitamin E and calm sensitive and reactive skin with azulene rich blue tansy.