The 2 Niacinamide Combos You Need To Try – Graydon Skincare The 2 Niacinamide Combos You Need To Try
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The 2 Niacinamide Combos You Need To Try

The 2 Niacinamide Combos You Need To Try

Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin that’s basically the Swiss Army knife of the skincare world. True to its reputation, niacinamide does so many wonderful things for your skin. It's an antioxidant, skin brightener, acne fighter and sebum regulator. You can learn more about it here.

I also love niacinamide because it’s such a team player

Seriously, you can pair niacinamide with pretty much any other ingredient to receive double the benefits, as opposed to using it on its own. These two combos happen to be my fav: ❤️

Brightening Combo: Niacinamide + Vitamin C

As you probably know, niacinamide can help to brighten any hyperpigmentation that you may have. It does this by suppressing melanin from reaching the top layer of the skin.

Vitamin C is another effective skin brightening agent that everyone can benefit from. It acts as an inhibitor of the tyrosinase enzymes in your body. Tyrosinase enzymes contribute to your skin’s pigmentation and can enable the formation of dark spots.

Even though niacinamide and vitamin C are both skin brighteners, their mechanisms of action are different. By combining them, you’re able to address hyperpigmentation from multiple anglesmaking these ingredients a powerful combination when used together.

So if you’re dealing with skin hyperpigmentation, consider adding niacinamide and vitamin C to your skincare routine.

Not sure where to start? Try our Aloe Milk Cleanser and Fullmoon Serum.

With niacinamide as a main ingredient, Aloe Milk Cleanser makes for an amazing first step of your skincare routine. Its gentle, yet effective formula can help to remove impurities within the skin, while simultaneously calming and brightening your complexion. Afterwards, go in with Fullmoon Serum, which is packed with vitamin C-rich moringa extract to brighten your skin even further.

A bottle of milk cleanser containing niacinamide next to a bottle of serum containing vitamin c

Pro-Aging Combo: Niacinamide + Botanical Retinol  

Retinoids are the royalties of the skincare world! They’re known for preventing signs of premature aging and keeping your skin beautiful and full of life.

That being said, they don’t always work well for everyone. In fact, since they’re such strong active ingredients, they can end up irritating sensitive skin. That means peeling, redness and dry patches… yeah, no one wants that.

So how do you get around it? Simple! Use a botanical alternative instead such as bakuchiol and moth bean extract, that offer very similar skin benefits to retinoids without the common side effects.

If you want to help your skin to age as lovingly as possible, consider adding bakuchiol and moth bean extract to your skincare routine. Both of these ingredients can be found in Phyto Clear.

Still slightly concerned because your skin is really sensitive and reactive?

No worries! Here’s another tip for you: 

Prep your skin with niacinamide before using retinoids. You can do this by buffering your skin with a niacinamide mask or moisturizer before your retinoid application. Due to its ability to boost ceramide production and its anti-inflammatory properties, you can use niacinamide to help offset any side effects from retinoids.

 A cleanser containing niacinamide next to a face cream containing botanical retinol

I recommend leaving our niacinamide-rich Aloe Milk Cleanser on your skin for 5-10 minutes as a mask. Then rinse it off and apply Phyto Clear. Beautiful, healthy skin, here we come!

And that’s it. Try these tips and you’ll be amazed at how well they work. Wishing you good skin days, every day! 🥰


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