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How to Properly Apply Oils

How to Properly Apply Oils

Why Use Oils?

Oils are concentrated formulas, often high in anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids. Anti-inflammatory oils help treat drynesseczema and have even been used to help chronic conditions such as rosacea and/or acne. Oils are not only a natural source of vitamins and antioxidants, they are high in skin-identical ingredients. Your outermost layers of skin are oil-based, composed mainly of fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides, so it's imperative to nourish and support your skin with healthy oils!

Tricks of The Trade

First, you need to exfoliate (gently). The very top layer of skin cells are dead, tight and stubborn, which make this layer resistant to absorption. The older we get, the slower these stubborn skin cells shed. 

Fewer stubborn skin cells = faster oil absorption rate = more benefits!

Second, make sure you are applying these oils to damp skin! Damp skin absorbs oils more efficiently then dry skin. This is why we recommend applying oils right after a shower when you still have a thin layer of water on your skin. That thin layer of water is what helps lock in and seal moisture.  

Pro tip: we love using Intimacy Oil on damp skin, fresh out of the shower or bath, for a silky beautiful experience!
Another way to create ‘damp’ skin of your face, is by using a facial mist toner

Third, make sure you are using the right type of oils on your skin. Lighter oils that are non-comedogenic absorb easier through your outer skin, and deeper into your skin layers. This way your skin can benefit deeply from all the minerals and nutrients provided by the oil.  

Our Intimacy Oil works as a face and body oil, is super light and absorbs quickly into your skin. It is the perfect multi-purpose oil for moisturizing and nourishing your skin! 

Looking for something more face-focused? Our Superfood Serum is our oil-based serum and widely loved for it's high content of vitamin E-rich ingredients!