40% OFF For Essential Service Providers & Frontline Workers
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Code 40

Code 40

We are providing a 40% discount code (site-wide) for any front line workers and/or essential service providers. 

If that's you, please send us an email at connect@graydonskincare.com with a photo of your badge or ID. 

If you know of anyone else who is eligible please pass along our email! 
May 05, 2020

Hi, I did sent an email for the discount coupon along with photo of my ID. I would love to get an advantage of discount code. Will be waiting for your email. Thank you for taking caring for all the Healthcare workers.

Apr 29, 2020

I’d love to take advantage of your wonderful offer for frontline workers. Im not sure how to get the code for the 40% discount.

Thank you
Sara Kalibar, RN

Apr 26, 2020


I am a HCW .

Not sure how to send a picture of my badge using this portal.


Apr 04, 2020

Hello. Thank you so much for keeping healthcare workers in your thoughts and prayers. It is a very stressful time for everyone and I am coping by trying to find heroes amongst my patients or things people are doing for us all to manage in these crazy times. I am an diabetes nurse educator. I am uncomfortable sending a picture of my badge but have included here my work email as proof of my profession. I would really like to take advantage of the 40% off you are offering as I LOVE your wonderful skin care products
Thank you Maureen Doran

Maureen Doran
Apr 04, 2020

Not sure how to upload a picture to your message board
But that is my work email. I’m an RN at sunnybrook hospital in labour and delivery

Carrie Winslade
Apr 04, 2020

I just sent you an e-mail of my hospital badge photo and I have an order ready to go. Do I wait for an e-mail from you for a code before I proceed with my order?

Apr 04, 2020

Hurray for Graydon, Canada needs you right now. While the big dollar stores are gouging you guys stepped up. You’ll always be my favorite go to. GOD BLESS, Elsie

Elsie young

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