Benefits Of Using Prickly Pear Oil on Your Skin – Graydon Skincare Benefits Of Using Prickly Pear Oil on Your Skin
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Benefits Of Using Prickly Pear Oil on Your Skin

Benefits Of Using Prickly Pear Oil on Your Skin

It’s hard to believe at first glance that this thorny fruit can contain such a wealth of skin benefiting nutrients. But if this superfood has found a way not only to survive but thrive in the desert with extreme temperatures, it only makes sense that its ability to stay hydrated is second to none.

Despite harsh climate conditions, this resilient plant is able to retain a whopping 95% of its moisture.

Inside this prickly pear (or cactus pear) contain seeds that when cold-pressed become nutrient dense liquid gold. Prickly pear oil is full of essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and amino acids that will make your skin glow when ingested or applied topically.

Here are just a few reasons why prickly pear is so great for your skin:

Vitamin E

Prickly pear oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E (it contains around 150% more vitamin E than argan oil), making it the most vitamin E rich beauty oil on the market.

Vitamin E, aside from supplying hydration, is also essential for protecting the skin against oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals that can damage collagen, weaken our skin barrier and creating signs of aging like dryness and wrinkles. Vitamin E is also an essential ingredient in cell regeneration, restoring our skin barrier and improving skin elasticity.

Vitamin K

This vitamin, when applied topically, can help with skin discoloration such as dark spots or under eye circles. It’s a powerful antioxidant that is able to rebuild elastin and strengthen thinning skin which is usually the source of discoloration. It is also great for hyperpigmentation and scarring. Vitamin K is also great for encouraging blood circulation which can help with inflammation and redness.

Linoleic Acid

This essential fatty acid does not naturally occur in the body so it needs to be supplemented from outside sources. Linoleic acid deficiency can result in skin conditions like skin scaling and flaking. Linoleic acid makes this luxurious Moroccan oil lightweight and fast absorbing (offering quick relief for parched skin) and is great at balancing your oil production if you have oily or acne prone skin (extremely helpful for blackheads and acne). It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and also registers as a 0 on the comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t have a high chance of breaking you out).

It also contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids which are key in stimulating healthy cells. Generation of new cells is what gives your skin that bright and glowy appearance.

Interested in trying this incredible oil? You can find it as one of our main actives in our Superfood Serum.