Cacao Mint Dry Shampoo (To Make Any 'Bad Hair Day' A Good One)


Nice to meet you! I am Bridie and I’ve recently moved from Australia to Canada to learn more about the wonderful health & wellness realm Canada is so famous for. I come in once a week to help Graydon in her Riverdale Studio. We often find ourselves in creation mode -- mixing plant powered, organic ingredients from Graydon's cupboards to hydrate, replenish (and yes, even glamourize ourselves).

This easy little recipe which we co-created today will save you time, money and best of all will help you on those annoying 'Bad Hair Days' by adding a little extra volume to your locks!  

Cacao Mint Dry Shampoo

  • 3 tablespoons of finely ground cacao powder (we pulled Giddy Yoyo from our cupboard)
  • 3 tablespoons of arrowroot powder (you can substitute corn starch, baking soda or combine all 3)
  • 2 drops of your favourite essential oil. We’ve chosen peppermint because it feels great on our scalp.  

 * if you have really light blond hair, you can just skip the cacao powder.


Tip: The trick to making dry shampoo easy to use is finding a way to apply it. Here we’ve used an old pepper shaker. Its resealable lid makes it easy to throw in your bag for easy use on-the-go.



Method: Mix the cocoa & arrowroot, then add the drops of oil. Funnel the mix into a resealable shaker. This one we found is great because the cap's small holes help apply a measured amount without making a mess.

Shake the dry shampoo onto oil prone areas and rub into your scalp - the arrowroot is great for absorbing natural hair oil, taking away the greasy look. The cocoa helps the arrowroot to colour blend naturally into brown and dirty blond hair.

Rub the dry shampoo into your scalp and brush through -  I love the way it gives volume to my usual dead-straight hair.

Here's to getting away with dirty hair and still looking great!


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