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What's in Our Fullmoon Serum...

What's in Our Fullmoon Serum...

We've had such a good response to our Fullmoon Serum pre-sale. Thank you all for the love and support, you've shown for our latest product! It's truly one of a kind and we are so happy that we finally get to share it with you after having worked on it for the past few years. It will officially launch this November but since a lot of you (especially on Instagram) already have questions about the ingredients we thought what better way than to break down the main actives than in this blog post. 

Hyaluronic acid

One of the hottest ingredients in skincare right now is hyaluronic acid. It's  a naturally occurring substance in the body, that is fantastic at drawing water into the skin and leaving your face looking plump and hydrated. For our Fullmoon Serum, we use hyaluronic acid extracted from the seed of Indian senna. It's grown natively in Egypt and is a plant formerly used in herbal tea for its ability to cleanse your digestive system and clarify skin. It contains polysaccharides which are great at attracting and retaining water. When hyaluronic acid is used over time, it can deliver intense moisturization and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 


Our ability to produce collagen lessens as we age and because of oxidative stress, so it's important to get it from other sources, whether its in your daily diet or applied topically. The collagen we use is derived from an African Mahogany tree that is ecocert approved (and meets the cosmetics standards of Natural and Organic Cosmetics). This ingredient helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the body and strengthens skin layers, leaving you looking rejuvenated. 


Although not as well known, peptides are a powerful skincare ingredient. Oligopeptides are a string of amino acids that are able to penetrate the surface of the skin and the building blocks of protein (like collagen). They can send signals to cells and encourage the production of collagen, reducing the signs of aging. 

Moringa Leaf Extract 

This is a great organic source of vitamin C. The peptides from moringa seeds are able to protect your skin against pollutants and environmental stress, cleansing the skin while preserving the youthfulness of skin.


You may have used retinol at some point for acne, but it is also an excellent way to improve skin texture, tighten pores and encourage collagen production. We use an organic retinol derived from the moth bean plant which is much more gentle than regular retinol but just as effective. Retinol is a great way to help strengthen the dermis and decrease wrinkles.


Especially in the last year or so, crystals have suddenly become mainstream. Their ability to improve your health and mood have made them a critical part of the health and well being movement. When applied topically, a gemstone like malachite can help detox the skin with its antioxidant properties. It contains copper which helps increase collagen and elastin production. If you are someone who is regularly exposed to radiation either from your computer or your phone, malachite can send you some positive vibes while strengthening your ability to stay true to commitments you've made to others and the commitment to showing kindness and forgiveness to yourself, the ultimate self-love crystal.

Aromatic Fruit Extracts 

Not to be confused with essential oils, our aromatic extracts (bergamot, pineapple, coffee, apricot, jasmine, banana, cantaloupe, cinnamon and vanilla) are all derived from plants (such as fruits, flowers and spices) and food grade ingredients which when soaked in water for a long period allows their flavours, aromas and medicinal properties to become infused. 

To make essential oils, a significant amount of plant material is required to get just a few drops while making an extract doesn’t need much plant material making extracts much more sustainable and planet friendly. 

Both essential oils and aromatic extracts have therapeutic benefits but essential oils are much stronger and when used inappropriately their potency can create sensitivities in some individuals whereas fruit extracts tend to be very gentle and easily tolerated.

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