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We're One of Arlene's Favourite Things!

We're One of Arlene's Favourite Things!

It's official, our skincare is dragon approved! 🐉  Yes, dragons need moisturizer too! 😜

As a Canadian entrepreneur, the person I’ve looked up to most when it comes to business is Arlene Dickinson. In case you haven't heard, Arlene Dickinson is a renowned businesswoman, investor, author and one of the legendary ‘Dragons’ on Dragons' Den (the Canadian equivalent of Shark Tank). You can read more about Arlene here

So needless to say, when I saw her article this week, my jaw dropped. We are apparently one of her Favourite Things!

Here is what Arlene said about us: 

“Clean beauty is a category which I’m interested in both from a personal and business level. Graydon Skincare is founded by Graydon Moffat, a fabulous entrepreneur who infused her experience in food, design and yoga to create a line of products that brings efficacy and transparency to natural skincare.”

– Arlene Dickinson, National Post (Read the full article here)

Both Arlene's mention and the awards we recently won, make the years I've spent formulating products with superfoods (before clean beauty was even a thing!) so worth it.

Of course, without your support, we would not be here, so my heart goes out to you with a very big thank you. 


Wanna learn what all this talk on 'clean beauty' means to us? Click here to read where we stand on clean beauty. 


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