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Support a Small Business: 3 American Retailers You Need to Check Out
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Support a Small Business: 3 American Retailers You Need to Check Out

We love supporting small businesses, so we're highlighting 3 of our American retailers. Keep reading to find out what makes these small businesses special.


    It seems like the pandemic may be coming to an end (hurray!) but that doesn’t mean we should stop supporting local businesses. This month, we’re putting the spotlight on three of our wonderful partner stores in the United States. Discover what makes each store special, which Graydon Skincare products are their favourites and which Graydon Skincare products their customers love! 

    Keep reading to learn about these amazing retailers and maybe even find some discount codes! 😍 

    Integrity Botanicals (Bernardsville, New Jersey)

    Integrity Botanicals Bernardsville Store

    Co-founders, Terri and Marc Hall started Integrity Botanicals with the intention of providing the most luxurious green beauty and natural care products. But, just like me, they weren’t always in the skincare game. 

    Terri had an interest in green beauty from a young age but imagined herself starting her own clothing line. After a decade in the fashion industry, her passion for natural, holistic beauty could no longer be ignored. Terri’s husband, Marc, was always interested in health and fitness. He started out as a nutrition major in college but switched to economics.

    Together, their interests and knowledge gave them the perfect background to start Integrity Botanicals. Since its launch in 2011, Integrity Botanicals has become an emporium for natural and organic beauty products. 

    Integrity Botanicals has been one of our retailers since September 2019 so we were curious which Graydon Skincare products we’d find in Terri and Marc’s home and which ones their customers love. 

    Integrity Botanicals Founders Terri and Marc Hall

    What is your favourite Graydon product and why? 

    TERRI : This is a tough question and a close tie between Aloe Milk Cleanser and Face Glow! I love to use Aloe Milk Cleanser during the colder months and Face Glow during the warmer months.

    I like how gentle Aloe Milk Cleanser is for everyday use. I have really sensitive and dry skin and this cleanser is so soothing and calming. It instantly feels comforting and provides hydrating relief. My skin is left feeling moisturized and super soft.

    I love Face Glow for the illumination and flawless look it gives my skin. It’s great for a no makeup-makeup look when I’m rushing in the morning and don’t want anything too heavy but still want to look put together. It’s an easy one step product to replace my foundation, moisturizer and primer. With two little kids in tow while trying to run our own business, I only have so much time. ;) 

    MARC: My favourite product from Graydon is Face Foam. I get occasional flare ups of acne rosacea, a frustrating condition which comes on unexpectedly and often at inopportune times. Face Foam contains azelaic acid which dermatologists often prescribe in gel form for this condition. Using Face Foam helps me keep this inflammatory condition at bay. I’m also a big fan of the dual cleansing method and Face Foam is a great choice for a second step cleanser.

    Which Graydon Skincare product do your customers love? 

    TERRI: Our customers love Face Glow and I think that’s because it’s so unique in the green beauty space. It’s a 3-in-1 product so you get so much more for your money. For some customers, this replaces their foundation since it gives light coverage with the tinted formula. It also makes a great makeup primer, can replace their everyday moisturizer and of course, last but not least, makes their skin radiant and glowing!

    Is there anything that you want our readers to know about Integrity Botanicals?

    TERRI: We have a great rewards program with 5% back on all purchases. We offer a wide selection of makeup, skincare, hair and body care samples and customers get to choose three free samples with any purchase! We ship worldwide.

    Special discount code: INTEGRITY15 to save 15% sitewide, some brand exclusions apply. (Expires: June 30, 2021)

    Shop online:

    Wildcraft (Charleston, South Carolina)

    Wildcraft Store Charleston

    In 2016, Holly Thorpe opened the doors of Wildcraft, an indie boutique focused on providing healthy, non-toxic personal care and household items. They were the first store in Charleston to offer zero-waste, package free products and a refill bar for many personal care and household products.

    As a self-described skincare junkie, Holly is passionate about connecting people to high-quality, plant-based skincare products. When the pandemic hit, she branched out and launched Wildcraft online, allowing her to share her love of plant-based ingredients with even more people!

    While their collection of carefully curated products is now available in-store and online, Wildcraft also offers SkinWise Holistic Facials which you can only get in-store! Holly shares her love of skincare by offering an elevated facial experience in a semi-private area of the store. Wildcraft’s approach to the spa staple includes advanced facial massage and lymphatic drainage techniques, product education and a personalized facial using products based on each client’s unique skin goals. 

    Wildcraft has been carrying Graydon Skincare products since November 2017, so we asked Holly which of our products she loves and which ones her Wildlings (Holly’s affectionate term for her customers) can’t seem to live without!

    Wildcraft Founder Holly Thorpe

    What is your favourite Graydon product and why? 

    HOLLY: The Fullmoon Serum! Maintaining skin hydration is super important for slow aging and I can see a huge difference in my skin when I focus on that hydration with mists and water or aloe based serums, like Fullmoon Serum. My skin also congests easily, so being able to amp up my hydration without feeling heavy is a game changer. Its brightening and soothing ingredients are a must for me, too, having fair, sensitive skin. I cleanse, mist, apply Fullmoon Serum, and then my moisturizer over top. 

    Which Graydon Skincare product do your customers love? 

    HOLLY: Definitely Face Glow! It’s consistently a bestseller for us. We are a beach city, so this offers the perfect amount of coverage for most of our Wildlings. They love the sheer glowy tint that evens out their skin and gives them a little blur, while also providing some sun protection. Face Glow isn’t SPF rated, but the mineral content and “sun plants,” like red raspberry seed oil, give them the perfect amount of protection for most days. 

    They also love mixing Face Glow with our other products to create their own level of coverage—like mixing one pump with their liquid foundation or cream SPF. I do this regularly! 

    Is there anything that you want our readers to know about Wildcraft?

    HOLLY: If you’re ever visiting Charleston, South Carolina, I'd love to meet you and have you experience one of our SkinWise Holistic Facials where you can experience amazing, effective products like Graydon first-hand. 

    Special discount code: GRAYDON to save 15% on Graydon Skincare products. (Expires: June 30, 2021)

    Shop online:

    Beauty Heroes (Novato, California)

    Beauty Heroes Navato Retail Store

    Founder, Jeannie Jarnot believes everyone should have access to healthy beauty. That’s why, in 2014, she launched Beauty Heroes. Currently, Beauty Heroes offers more than 70 healthy beauty and wellness brands and Jeannie is committed to working directly with brand founders to select, test and approve every Beauty Heroes product. I’ve experienced this first-hand and truly value her constructive feedback! Her understanding of ingredients is impeccable and her curation process is stringent. 

    With the intention of helping people find new healthy beauty products, Beauty Heroes offers a monthly Discovery subscription-based service. Each month features one clean beauty brand and you get one “Hero product” and “sidekicks” delivered to your door. As if that’s not enough, each Discovery box is always valued over $100!

    You can experience Beauty Heroes in real life at their flagship store and skincare studio in Northern California. Relax in the beauty lounge, discover their carefully curated products and sip on botanical teas. 

    When I started Graydon Skincare, Beauty Heroes was a dream retailer for me. Now that they’ve been carrying our products since May 2019, I had to know which of our products Jeannie uses and which ones are customer favourites. 

    Jeannie Jarnot Beauty Heroes Founder

    What is your favourite Graydon product and why? 

    JEANNIE: I have a few Graydon Hero products. My first is Face Glow. I adore this formula. It's the lightest, whipped, tinted moisturizer/primer in green beauty. I don't ever walk out the door without it. It's simply the best. 

    I also love Fullmoon Serum. It's no surprise, we featured it as a Beauty Heroes "Hero product" a couple of years ago. It really brightens and has the most lovely, light texture. My skin loves this stuff. 

    I also love Intimacy Oil. The light texture of that oil and the aroma are so special. Very sexy indeed! 

    Which Graydon Skincare product do your customers love? 

    JEANNIE: In our Novato Beauty Store, Face Glow is our top seller. It's fun, because you can try it on and see it in action right away in the mirror. It's an instant gratification product. 

    In our online store, Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream is one of our top-sellers. A lot of our clients have dry skin, and this cream is really wonderful for dry skin concerns. If you try it once, you end up really loving it. Guaranteed.

    Is there anything that you want our readers to know about Beauty Heroes?

    JEANNIE: Beauty Heroes is so excited to announce that we have decided to stop distributing single-use products and samples. This was a hard decision for us, because we love sharing our Hero products with our customers and giving them an opportunity to discover them on their own, and sampling was a part of that. But, we believe in making hard decisions for the planet. These decisions lead to innovation and new habits and ways of living, being and discovering. We've also discontinued all sheet masks, wipes and peel pads (we only had a few of these types of products) from our offering. Again, that was a hard decision, as our brands were using the most sustainable materials available. But, we need to move away from our single use culture, and these decisions were a part of the change we want to see on the planet. 

    Shop online:

    If you live in Bernardsville, Charleston or Novato (or just happen to be passing through), I encourage you to stop in to these wonderful local retailers. Each one is working hard to provide easy access to the best clean beauty products.

    And if you live in Ontario, check out these Canadian small businesses. 


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