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Settle Down With A Slow Skincare Routine

Settle Down With A Slow Skincare Routine

In an era of instant gratification, people have sometimes come to expect the same from their skincare. While we know that skincare is a continuous commitment and results take time, claims of “instant results” and “long lasting” sound appealing. 

Just like exercising, you wouldn’t expect to see results after one session, so why do we expect that with our skin? Y’know the saying “Patience is a virtue”? I feel that that needs to be re-introduced in our skincare routines.

Let’s step back into a skincare routine that delivers results and is sustainable long term.    

That’s where slow skincare comes in. A mindful regimen that’s built to last and show results — plus it’s perfect for the summertime. 

What is Slow Skincare?

Slow skincare is all about using fewer, cleaner products that will help get what you’re looking for. By investing in products with quality ingredients and sustainable methods, not only will you be helping your skin, you’ll be helping the planet by reducing the consumption of beauty products. With this approach, you’ll be able to work on the root of your skin issues instead of slapping a band-aid on them. Slow Skincare focuses on wellness rather than vanity. Healthy skin is the endgame. 

So, say goodbye to that 12-step skincare routine, as it’s probably doing more damage than good, and say hello to a slower approach. Here are some products that will be perfect to include in your new routine. 

A mindful regimen that’s built to last and show results


Cleansing is the base of any skincare routine. It helps remove excess oil, sweat and dirt to give your skin a fresh starting point for the rest of your products. Products like Graydon Face Foam Cleanser, for example, are just right for that. It’s a fragrance-free cleanser that is great for combination skin and will help retexturize your skin. With natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, white willow bark, bamboo extract and azelaic acid, your skin will look and feel smooth and nourished. 


Moisturizing is a key component of a great routine. When picking out a moisturizer, you have to determine which is best suited for your skin. You can use either a light and water-based moisturizer or one that is rich and oil-based. Graydon Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream is weightless and it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. The combination of rosehip, ceramide and maple will brighten and retain your skin's moisture. Plus, this is a moisturizer you can use year-round.


Using a serum is a great way to boost your skin and routine. Our Superfood Serum is blended with superfoods that will nourish your skin. The raspberry seed oil helps hydrate your skin while the turmeric removes excess oil and helps refine your pores. It’s an oil-based serum but it absorbs easily into the skin while offering protection from drying elements and long-term damage.

Healthy skin is the endgame. 

Skin Smoothie

Another way to incorporate slow skincare is by doing skin smoothies. What that means is with the products you already have (or are getting) you can mix them together and apply them. This is a great way to make your products last longer and it’s good for your skin. Double cleansing with our Aloe Milk Cleanser and Face Foam is a good example, or if you’re looking to clarify and tone then mixing a bit of our Fullmoon serum, Phyto Clear, and Face Food will help nourish you. 

Let this be your sign to slow things down this year and reassess your skin regime. Slow beauty is all about consistency and mindfulness, and by adding this to your life, we are all one step away from a sustainable lifestyle.

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