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A woman with her hair tied in a messy bun sitting in a white bathtub containing luxurious bubbles with skin and haircare products in the background

It’s Time to Unwind. This Is How We Do It.

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Being in lockdown sucks!

If you’re like me - trying to flatten the coronavirus curve and responsibly stay home as much as possible - then this whole situation is probably a bit rough for you, too. Being stuck at home for weeks on end. Not being able to see your friends. Getting maskne. It all just seems so overwhelming.

However, as frustrating as it may be, it’s vital for us to work together and do everything in our power to keep this pandemic under control. 

There are several things you can do to make the most out of being stuck at home. 

One of our team members, Angélique, has been doing exactly that. She has dedicated one night a week to take a step back, relax and treat herself to some much needed self-love. “This nightly beauty routine has helped my mental health tremendously”, she explained “It’s a time to treat myself and have a moment of mindfulness”.

This is her routine:

Step 1: Draw a comforting, warm bubble bath using 3 pumps of All Over Soap

Angélique enjoys using this vegan soap to create fine, luxurious bubbles in her bath. Formulated with 12 high-grade essential oils, it also serves as a form of aromatherapy, which helps her to de-stress and unwind. The steam from the bath also helps to purify the pores, which Angélique takes advantage of, as it allows all the beneficial ingredients in this next skincare product to better absorb into her skin. 

A bottle of liquid vegan soap for sensitive skin against a white background

Step 2: Apply a calming face mask using The Putty.

While soaking in the bathtub, Angélique applies a thick layer of The Putty to her face as a leave-on mask. We’ve mentioned this skincare secret before, and essentially, this step gives Angélique's skin the extra boost of nutrition it needs to help calm her maskne. This step helps to soothe any redness and irritation that she has and leaves her skin feeling calm and supple.

A swatch of yellow-coloured moisturizer for irritated skin against a white background

Step 3: Relax ❤️

For Angélique, luxury doesn’t equal opulence. A bowl of goldenberries. An essential oil scented candle. Calming music playing in the background. Soaking in the tub and enjoying the luxury of time. It’s that simple. But these things work incredibly well at helping to relax both the mind and the body.

Step 4: Take an extra step with skincare.

As this is a special occasion, Angélique also takes extra time with her skincare routine after her bath. Normally, she would go straight for her moisturizer. However, on these special days, Angélique adds the powerful serum duo - Fullmoon Serum and Superfood Serum - into the mix. These serums bring her skincare routine to the next level and leave her skin feeling nourished and pampered.

A glass bottle of aquamarine-coloured retinol alternative face serum next to a glass bottle of gold-coloured hydrating serum for dry skin against a white background


And that’s how Angélique has made the most out of a stressful situation like the lockdown. And perhaps, you could give this routine a try as well. I know I will. ❤️


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