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Is This The Most Multipurpose Skincare Product Ever?

Is This The Most Multipurpose Skincare Product Ever?

Is This The Most Multipurpose Skincare Product Ever?

Fun fact about me: If you walk by my desk in the office, at any given moment, you’ll be guaranteed to find me spraying my face with some sort of water.

But not just any water, it’s actually a face mist. Sounds fancy, eh?

Here’s another fun fact: There was a time where I was a skeptic of such a product. I mean, what can it possibly do that my face cream can’t already do? It might be a bit refreshing, maybe, but definitely something I could live without. 

Or so I thought.

As it turned out (and delightfully so), a face mist is actually THE MOST multipurpose and multitasking beauty product you could have in your skincare routine. Take it from me, it did turn me from a skeptic to an addict, after all. It’s that good.

So what exactly are face mists, anyways? And why do they deserve a spot in your skincare routine?

To put it simply, face mists are liquids in spray bottles that you, well, mist onto your face. 

They’re jam-packed with hydrating and calming ingredients, making them a perfect choice for most skin types. Dry skin? You need that extra boost of hydration. Oily skin? It helps balance out your skin, so your face wouldn’t look like oil in a frying pan. Sensitive skin? Gotta keep it cool and calm, girl.  

And the best part? You can use them at any step in your beauty regimen. 

For example, use them right after cleansing, before your serums. They can act as your toner. Or maybe use them at the end of your skincare routine, to provide that final boost of hydration. You can even use them throughout the day, as a quick pick-me-up to refresh and revitalize your skin.

The limit does not exist!!  

Now that back-to-school season is here, if you’re a student, I imagine that you’d have to spend countless hours staring at your computer or reading your textbooks. That’s not always fun - as you’d probably neglect your skin in the process. 

All work and no play makes your skin a dull thing. And that’s where having a face mist really comes in handy.

If you have one right on your desk, it’d take less than 5 seconds to pick it up and spray some onto your face. And that’s all you really need for it to do its magic. And the result is glowy, hydrated, and beautiful skin. Imagine being selfie-ready any time you pick up your phone (team #nofilter)! 

And you can achieve all of this at the comfort of your desk.

If I’ve piqued your interest, and you want to get your hands on one of these beauty water, then give Face Food a try. It gives your skin an instant glow-up by offering intense high-level hydration, enhanced with phenomenal soothing properties from naturally derived ingredients. 

Oh, here’s the cherry on top: It looks fabulous on your vanity, too! #Shelfie game? It’s on 😍

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