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Gemstone Infused Beauty Featuring Smithsonite

Gemstone Infused Beauty Featuring Smithsonite

Here at Graydon, we love crystals and gemstones. Along with their enticing beauty, they have these amazing energies to them! Which is why we have added our new favourite semi-precious gemstone, Smithsonite, to our Face Glow.

Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate mineral that belongs to the calcite group of crystals. In 1832, Francois Sulpice Beudant named the zinc carbonate "smithsonite", in honour of James Smithson a founder and the major donor of the Smithsonian Institution.

It has a silky to pearly lustre, and it's colour depends on the composition of trace minerals. It can be anything from blue, to green, to yellow, to purple, and even pink!

Smithsonite is said to have incredible healing energies to it. It has been known to help balance the endocrine system, reproductive system, and immune system. Smithsonite is a valuable emotional healer that can help with easing tension and anxiety. This stone encourages relaxation of the mind, which helps align your chakras, encouraging love, communication, and relief.

Smithsonite also naturally occurs with one of our other favourite semi-precious gemstones, malachite! This is just another reason why Face Glow works so well in your routine along with our malachite-infused Fullmoon Serum and Face Food. For more on why malachite is so great for your skincare, check out our post here!

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