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5 LGBTQ2S+ Youth-Forward Organizations to Support

5 LGBTQ2S+ Youth-Forward Organizations to Support


5 LGBTQ2S+ Youth-Forward Organizations to Support

Supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community is a twelve months a year commitment for Graydon, and with great Pride we want to share more with you about our story and dedication to the community. With family and team members identifying as LGBTQ2S+ both living out loud and some starting to step into themselves, this movement holds a special place in my heart.

Every person deserves to live free from judgement and express themselves with pride and dignity. Being comfortable in your skin and embracing your identity is the heart of our philosophy. After all, that's the best skin glow of all! 

We are excited to share a few LGBTQ2S+ organizations that are close to our heart. These organizations are particularly important to me because of the work they do to support our LGBTQ2S+ and marginalized youth. It's fundamental that we invest in our youth because they truly are our tomorrow. In particular those in marginalized communities who do not have the same level of support and opportunity next to their peers. Not only is adolescence a particularly challenging and confusing time where support is needed most, but Graydon recognizes that a better future begins with this generation. 

5 LGBTQ2S+ Youth-Forward Organizations to Support
Note that due to covid 19 restrictions, some of the walk-in services are temporarily closed. However, many are offering virtual workshops and counselling. Please visit their linked websites for more information.

Skylark Youth 
Skylark is a Toronto-based charity dedicated to supporting the needs of youth and families in all capacities of mental and emotional wellbeing. Next to their "What's up Walk-In" counselling sessions open Monday-Friday, they also have the 'Studio' which provides a safe space for all LGBTQ2S+ identifying youth and allies to drop in, make trusting connections and foster positive relationships. One of the most valuable components of this organization is the focus they put on harm reduction, while offering their services. This harm reduction approach helps to ensure services are non-judgmental and available to all! The Studio also offers various interactive workshops such as dance, art, discussion groups, in addition to health and sexual education. The Skylark is paving the way for LGBTQ2S+ youth in the community to live more happy, wholesome, and empowered lives. 

For more information about Skylark Youth and to donate, visit here.
Location: 255-40 Orchard View Blvd, Toronto ON.

Get Real Movement
We have chosen to support the The Get Real Movement because we deeply align with their mission to combat discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice, and bullying faced by our LGBTQ2S+ community across Canada. Get Real strives to support LGBTQ2S+ youth especially through interactive workshops and events that educate, uplift, and empower individuals from elementary school to high school and all through university and beyond. The work they have been doing in middle schools during Covid on zoom is truly inspiring, check out their Insta and you will understand. Through virtual counselling and after-school programs, Get Real provides a safe space for LGBTQ2S+ students to express themselves and receive non-judgemental support. The After School Program provides an opportunity for youth to make connections, build friendships, learn new skills and encourage self expression. 

For more details on the Get Real Movement and to donate, visit here.

519 Community Centre
519 Community Centre is dedicated to serving the LGBTQ2S+ community in downtown Toronto and other areas in the city. One of the really meaningful programs they offer is the Trans Youth Mentorship Program (TYMP) that supports trans-youth, two-spirit, and non-binary individuals aged 10-29 in receiving guidance to navigate their goals in life and provides employment success training. From legal advice, counselling services, employment support and interactive sports & recreation programs, 519 provides a full scope of well-rounded services to help LGBTQ2S+ people live wholesome and fulfilled lives. In addition, 519 offers an LGBTQ2S+ Family Events Workshop. This workshop offers a safe space for parents to connect and for children to meet, talk, play and learn. There is no doubt 519 has made extensive contributions to the wellbeing of the LGBTQ2S+ people and youth across Toronto.

For more information about the 519 Community Centre and to donate, visit here.
Location: 519 Church Street Toronto ON.

Binders Out
Binders Out is a grassroots, non-profit organization based in Toronto that gives trans people access to affordable and safe chest binders. A binder is a clothing item designed to compress chest tissue. Their work really supports trans people in living confidently, comfortably and safely. For multiple reasons, binders are especially inaccessible for trans youth, whether that's because parents do not embrace their child's identity or due to limited financial resources. Binder's Out offers a solution by using donations to purchase new binders to distribute throughout the community. They are dedicated to making gender-affirming products so all people can feel safe, supported, and empowered to be themselves.

For more information and how to donate, visit their Facebook page here.

Toronto Urban Native Ministry (TUMN)
TUMN is an outreach ministry that primarily serves indigenous people across the GTA. Their work helps to support many LGBTQ2S+ indigenous community members and they believe in the power of song, dance, spiritual ceremonies, and togetherness, to heal and create a sense of purpose. TUMN affirms its dedication to creating an environment where all beliefs can be accepted, honoured, and heard regardless of gender and sexual identity.

Location: 6 Trinity Square, Toronto, ON.
For more information about TUMN and to donate, visit here.


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