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Does Drinking Water Help Dry Skin?

Does Drinking Water Help Dry Skin?

When asked for the secret of glowy, poreless, hydrated skin, many people, including celebrities, say it’s their water intake. Studies have shown that drinking water helps your overall health, but the question remains, does drinking water help hydrate dry skin?

Well, it’s complicated. The short answer is no, just drinking water does not hydrate skin. But, researchers have found that for people who don’t drink much water, i.e. people who were dehydrated to begin with, increasing their water consumption had a good effect on the appearance of their skin. That’s to say, if you’re already well hydrated and you want to increase your water consumption in hopes of hydrated skin, it will not work. While hydration is necessary for our bodies to function properly, increasing your water intake will not help dry skin.

How To Keep Skin Hydrated

If you’re struggling to keep your skin hydrated, instead of relying on copious amounts of water to boost your complexion, take the time to find hydrating skincare products to help you achieve what you’re looking for. Here are some products that could help you.

Gentle Cleanser 

As opposed to a harsh cleanser or soap, or even a product with alcohol in it, which is very drying, you want to switch over to a gentle cleanser. A cleanser that doesn’t strip away your skin's natural moisture. The Aloe Milk Cleanser is gentle and hydrating. With key ingredients like aloe vera juice to help soothe and moisturize and pink grapefruit and blood orange to brighten the skin, this cleanser is perfect for dehydrated skin.

Apply Cream

Showers and washing your hands are very drying on the skin. While they’re a necessary part of hygiene, we want to make sure our skin stays as healthy as possible. That’s why applying a face, body, and hand cream is a great way to keep your skin's moisture. The Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream is an amazing face cream that battles dry and dehydrated skin. The blue-green algae is rich in minerals and amino acids that helps hydrate, while the blueberry seed oil revitalizes dehydrated skin and protects against blue light exposure. 

For your body the All Over Face + Body Lotion is what you’ll need. It’s lightweight and leaves you feeling moisturized without that greasy residue. The jojoba oil closely resembles the composition of sebum produced by the skin which in turn helps hydrate and protects against the elements.

While hydration is necessary for our bodies to function properly, increasing your water intake will not help dry skin.

Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic Acid is probably one of the most common skincare ingredients. It’s a hydrator, and while it’s good for all skin types, it’s especially helpful for people with dry skin. A big reason why everyone loves hyaluronic acid is because of its ability to retain moisture, which is why incorporating it into your skincare routine will keep your skin hydrated! Fullmoon Serum is a water-based natural retinol that will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while providing a radiant complexion. Plus, it has superfood ingredients that will help shield your skin from everyday pollutants! 

Water is vital in our overall health. If you’re not drinking enough then it will be beneficial for your skin, but if you are then it likely won’t improve your appearance. That being said, incorporating hydration into your skincare routine is the best way to see results. But, drinking an extra glass or two of water won’t hurt you either.

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