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Different Ways To Use Our Multipurpose All Over Soap

Different Ways To Use Our Multipurpose All Over Soap

“I call All Over Soap, the mother of multifunctional products!” - Angelique, Sales + Operations Coordinator at Graydon Skincare

Today, I want to spread some love for one of our most underrated products...

All Over Soap!

It’s like the Swiss Army knife of cleansing products. All Over Soap is especially useful for those who want to simplify their shower routine by using only one product for their hair, face and body. Plus, it contains some of my fav ingredients, such as geranium, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus oil. These high-grade essential oils act as a form of aromatherapy to uplift and energize both your body and mind.

It’s the ultimate at-home spa experience! 🥰

Here’s a fun fact: When I first started Graydon Skincare, my intention was to create multipurpose products that give you the most bang for your buck.

It’s true. 

From our multifunctional facial toner mist to our ultra-nourishing face + eye cream (that can also be used as a face mask), I’ve always focused on creating products with intention. I believe in a simple yet meaningful routine. By simplifying, we can reduce our carbon footprint, packaging waste, unintended labor exploitation and environmental damage—which is a direct extension of our stand on sustainability.

And of course, the same thing goes for All Over Soap

Aside from the fact that you can use it on your hair, face and body, there are 3 other uses for it that we love:

1. Dog shampoo 

Our Creative Director, Pedro, uses All Over Soap to bathe his lovely doggo, Penny. 😍

Penny in a Bath with All Over Soap

If you’re a dog parent, then chances are your furry friend isn’t too keen on taking baths. After all, that’s also happened with Pedro and Penny in the past. However, one day, Pedro had run out of dog shampoo and used All Over Soap as a substitute. And amazingly, the usual whining and barking from Penny  pretty much disappeared. She loved the smell, it seemed. And now, All Over Soap is a staple in their bathing routine!

You may want to use this for your dogs as well! However, I urge you to check with your veterinarian and make sure your dogs aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients first. 

2. Shaving cream

Our Sales + Operations Coordinator, Angelique, enjoys using All Over Soap as a shaving cream. 😍 

Since All Over Soap is so spreadable and luscious, she sees it as a way to practice self-care and give herself some TLC. 

Imagine… You've just spent an hour doing an at-home spa night. First, you took a bird bath and put on Putty as a face mask. Then you use All Over Soap as shaving cream to shave your legs. They’re baby smooth, but you don’t stop there! You apply All Over Face + Body Lotion to make your legs extra soft! Finally, you slide into your bed which is made up with freshly washed bedding. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Give this wonderful self-care routine a try the next time you wanna shave!

3. Bubble bath

This one is my personal fav. 🥰

I’ve spoken multiple times before about my love for eco-friendly baths. I especially enjoy taking moon baths to heighten my spirituality and connect with my inner self. 

All Over Soap in bubbles

I like to make the most out of my bath by using All Over Soap to create beautiful, luxurious bubbles. This really brings my bathing experience to the next level and makes my self-care routine that much more enjoyable! I prepare the bath by adding 5-6 pumps of All Over Soap into the water. Then I also add a few pumps of Intimacy Oil into the water. It smells like heaven!

And one more tip: You can even use All Over Soap for hand washing your laundry and dishes!

As you can see, there are so many uses for All Over Soap! We’d love to see your fav way to use it! Tag us on Instagram at @graydonskincare so we can share how you’ve made it your own!


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