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Eat Your Greens
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Eat Your Greens

We love broccoli, we really do. Not only is it delicious to eat, but it's cold-pressed oil has a bevy of skin and hair benefits that we're certain will make you fall in love too!

The broccoli seed itself is not edible, but it can be cold-pressed to create Broccoli Seed Oil. This oil is filled with moisturizing essential fatty acids, calming antioxidants and yet maintains a smooth and light texture. It is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and a superhero, superfood found in our Phyto Clear and Hair Smoothie.

Why Broccoli Seed Oil is Our SUPERHERO

Broccoli seeds contain an organic sulfur compound called sulforaphane. This compound may help regulate the enzymes that protect your skin against damage by UV radiation. It’s known that this oil works at the cellular level to help reduce skin redness and inflammation.

Vitamin A can be found in abundance in this superhero oil (yay! acne prone skin anyone?). Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A, and is said to have antioxidant properties that help fight against wrinkle formation by battling free radical damage. 

Could our superhero have a superpower - Ceramide production?! Broccoli Seed Oil is made up of an abundance of healthy fats, one being linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps promote ceramide synthesis. 

Ceramides, So What?

Ceramides are found in the top layer of your skin (your protective barrier) and may help regulate skin cells, help form a stronger protective layer, all while plumping the skin by retaining moisture.

Don't Forget Your Hair

The sulforaphane can also help detox your hair and scalp, which is essential for a nice, deep clean. In addition to keeping your hair happy, the incredible texture of broccoli seed oil makes it a natural silicone alternative to help smooth and soothe your tresses.


Overall, Broccoli Seed Oil was undoubtedly an easy superfood pick for our Phyto Clear team. No better way to help lock in skin moisture for a more youthful looking complexion! 


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