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Why I'm Anti-Anti-Aging: The Gift Of Everyday

Why I'm Anti-Anti-Aging: The Gift Of Everyday

In our society, we are taught that our value declines as we age — especially as women. It’s an ancient, outdated concept that ties a woman’s value to her ability to have children or her youthful looks.

Our value grows and deepens as we grow older. We become MORE, not less.

A woman's value extends far beyond her physical attributes. We are highly esteemed for our intellect, expertise, life experiences, skills, leadership, wit, and countless other qualities. As we mature, the richness of these aspects only grows.

Our value grows and deepens as we grow older. We become MORE, not less.

Those crow's feet or smile-lines that have gotten deeper? What a good, natural, and healthy thing! Your lines are special. It means you have someone to worry about, something to smile for, and a reason to laugh.

Those small wrinkles are a memory of your ancestors. They’re your mom, your grandma, your great-grandma. They all come together in the form of aging and rest quietly on your skin. They follow you until you take your last breath. Why is that something we want to get rid of?

As women, it falls upon us to view ourselves as more than simply our age. That is the essence of pro-aging. And for that reason, we, at Graydon Skincare, are anti-anti-aging.

As my birthday draws near and as I too get older, I am excited. Excited for the new adventures, excited for the new wrinkles, excited to be so authentically me. 

Treat your skin with the love it deserves because YOU love it and want to nourish it, not because you're chasing an anti-aging miracle. Feed your skin good food, like probiotics, vitamin C, and Blue Majik.

So, take a moment and celebrate with me. The time to normalize all of our wrinkles and fine lines is now. Beauty is a feeling,

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