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Combat dry winter skin with The Putty

Combat dry winter skin with The Putty

Eczema or psoriasis sufferers, The Putty is your new ticket to healing sore skin! 

“I have terrible eczema and psoriasis and the only thing that works (besides cortisone cream which has terrible side effects) to heal the sore spots on my hands is your Putty. Thank you Graydon for creating a magical non-toxic product that really works. I'm so grateful. I use it on my kids now too. Buying your 240ml pump bottle will allow us to use it even more frequently, and at incredible value too.”  

The Putty is made with a complex blend of healing oils, such as buriti fruit oil, which make it excellent as both a face and body moisturizer. The healing oils help to alleviate inflammation, tenderness and redness associated with skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Like its name suggests, The Putty helps put your skin back together. Which is why it makes it perfect for the winter months. It’s light enough to use in the morning and rich enough to use in the evening. It's also fantastic for parched hands!

Ingredient profile: BURITI OIL


Buriti, pronounced ‘bu-REE-chee’, is a South American fruit with very beneficial oil. Its oil contains many nutrients and provides the richest known source of beta-carotene (crazy, eh?). Its beneficial properties help heal the skin, which is why you can find it in The Putty.

Superfood Benefits:

  • rich in essential fatty acids
  • full of vitamin E & C
  • contains the powerful antioxidant, beta-carotene
  • anti-inflammatory
  • hydrating 

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