Pink Grapefruit Geranium Blood Orange
Pink Grapefruit Geranium Blood Orange
Pink Grapefruit Geranium Blood Orange
Graydon Skincare

Pink Grapefruit Geranium Blood Orange

  • Our pink grapefruit, geranium + blood orange is a delicious smelling and uplifting blend. People just can't seem to get enough of it because it just smells so good!

    For an uplifting tension break, dab a drop or two on your neck, temples and hairline.

    Push your chair back from your desk. Sit with your arms folded genie-style and rest them on the front edge of your desk. Elongate your spine as you bend forward to rest your forehead heavily on your forearms.

    Focus on relaxing your neck especially as you exhale and ‘let go’ of what mental tension you’re holding onto. Hold for at least 30 seconds!

  • Ingredients: pure essential oils of pink grapefruit (citrus paradisi), geranium (pelargonium x asperum), blood orange (citrus sinensis) and nothing else!

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  • As Fragrance: Pour a few drops onto the inner part of your wrists and apply to your pulse points. Don’t be surprised when your friends start asking you what you’re wearing.

    As Room Freshener: Add a few drops into a diffuser. Dribble some onto a cloth or tissue, diaper pail or even in the toilet.

    As Therapeutic Treatment: Rub a few drops on to the soles of your feet. Dribble some into your bath, sauna or stream room.

    Massage: Blend some into the carrier oil of your choice.

    For Household Cleaning: Shake a few drop into unscented dish soap, or mix into vinegar (or vodka) or make your own counter cleaner.