Yoga Instruction

Private Lessons

Graydon teaches therapeutic yoga suited to adults who don’t have time to go classes and who desire more personal attention than you’ll get in a crowded studio.

One-on-one training is the most effective and convenient way to develop a yoga practice, especially when it is in the convenience of your own home or work space. 

Graydon is particularly skilled at working with those who suffer from exhaustion, anxiety, depression, insomnia as well as pre/post natal issues. 

If you want a little company, feel free to create your own small group by inviting friends to join in with you.

Cost varies according to the length of the class, the number of people in the group as well as the location of the class. Please contact Graydon directly and tell her what you have in mind!

After 4 + Lunch Time School Programs

Graydon (who is affectionately known as YogaMum) has been teaching kids yoga throughout the GTA since 2001. Kids of all ages (Pre K to Middle School) enjoy her fun and expressive creative personality. 

Whether it is a lunch time class or afterschool program, YogaMum will help impart in your children, a natural love of yoga through fun games, activities, songs and play. 

Ask your school’s after 4 committee, principal or PhysEd teacher to get Yoga on your roster. 

Cost varies according to the number of people in the group and location of the class. 

Please contact Graydon to discuss what you have