We Love

Our go to spot for the ultimate natural facial in Toronto. Trust us, you'll leave with beautifully radiant healthy skin! With a 'Knowledge is Power' mindset, Pure + Simple separate themselves by educating their customers and sharing their research and experience in natural beauty to help solve skincare + beauty needs. Their skincare philosophy is based on Ayurveda, a healing system from India that emphasizes the relationship between our mind, spirit, and body. Don't forget to check out our line at their Yorkville location!


We love Danielle Laporte and everything she stands for. She helps us get our sh*t together! An inspirational speaker, poet, former think tank exec and business strategist, she writes weekly on her site. We like to think of her as "the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality". What i LOVE MOST and what has truly helped me run my business is Danielle's Desire Map - a book with a holistic approach to life planning, using your core desired feelings as the guidance system for your intention & goal setting. 


Meghan Telpner is a Toronto-based nutritionista and her humorous, engaging and real approach to healthy living has garnered her a world-wide following and extensive media attention. We love that many of the plant based ingredients Meghan uses in her classes are very in keeping with the ingredients we use in our formulations as well. Her online cooking courses and brand new school, the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, offer inspired training for life. Meghan’s bestselling and award-winning book UnDiet: Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health is creating a revolution in how people think about their health.


Health experts, Dr. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman will inspire you to reach your maximum potential. They discuss various natural health topics including plant-based living, nutrition, superfoods, fitness, meditation and spirituality. Many of the shows will feature guest interviews with experts in the health and wellness community. They take your health to the next level! We love Marni so much that we've even partnered with her to formulate her very own Green Cream aka 'Salad for your Skin' that she sells to her customers so they can have fully nourished skin from the outside in.


Giddy Yo Yo is truly unlike any other certified organic or fair trade company out there. Known mostly for their amazing chocolate, Giddy Yo Yo's products are always organic or wild crafted, fairly traded and of the heirloom variety. Nourished by mineral-rich soil, the freshest spring water & grown in healthy, remote environments that have never known the existence of chemicals. I use their Cocoa Butter in my Putty and love using their other cacao based products in my product development workshops!  ps. we're working on a new super food face scrub using many of their ingredients! stay tuned..


One of the reasons we love Greenhouse is because they use a lot of the same ingredients Graydon uses in her products. From parsley to lemon. These superfoods are packed with antioxidants and are exactly what your body and skin need to stay healthy and happy! Greenhouse Juice Co's organic, cold-pressed juices are designed to revitalize, nourish, and energize.. exactly what Graydon needs to get her through he busy day! Be warned though.. used in conjunction with Graydon's products may result in: glowing skin and total radiance from the inside out.



causemetics is a movement by the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund designed to raise money to help financially challenged breast cancer patients across Canada through the sale of healthy beauty products. For every purchase of my Green Cream I will donate $5 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund.