Men's Kit

                                                                                                                                20% Off = A Savings of $13 

When it comes to men, Graydon subscribes to 'KISS' (the Keep It Simple Stupid Strategy). And our Men's Kit does just that by offering men a super easy and effective way to cleanse, moisturize and freshen. Our All Over Soap + Shampoo takes care of head to toe cleansing while our Skin Stuff instantly moisturizes without leaving any smell or residue. The Eau pour Garçons does triple duty as an aftershave, hand sanitizer and anti-microbial mist to breathe new life into odourous man things like hockey bags and sneakers. 
  1. Skin Stuff (50 ml): A moisturizer for men has got to feel almost invisible, and we know there's zero tolerance for anything sticky or oily or smelly. That said, we guarantee that our Skin Stuff will keep Mr. Tuff Guy happy.
  2. Eau pour Garçons (120 ml): This is a must have for your locker, your gym bag (especially your hockey bag!), those sneakers sitting by the door… and especially when you use the washroom!
  3. All Over Soap + Shampoo (240 ml): Men tend to shower quick when running out the door for work or play. And our All Over Soap + Shampoo makes it easy for a busy guy to do a full body wash in a matter of minutes.

   Price: $49 (retail value: $62)