How to Use our Products

All Over Soap + Shampoo

For Body: Smooth and massage over wet skin to create a lather, then rinse thoroughly. Optional: use with a wet washcloth for gentle exfoliation.

For Hair: Apply to wet hair and gently massage into scalp. Once product has lathered, rinse out thoroughly. Follow with our Hair Smoothie.

Hair Smoothie

For Hair: After shampooing with our All Over Soap, apply this pleasantly light conditioner all over your scalp and hair. If you have the time, leave product on for a few minutes… or rinse out immediately especially if you have fine, thin hair. If you require deeper conditioning, leave Hair Smoothie few a few hours or over night. If you have super thick, coarse hair, you can use it as a ‘leave in’ treatment to groom and style your hair.

All Over Body Oil

As a Body Moisturizer: To achieve silky smooth glistening skin, apply a pump or 2 pumps of oil all over your body (and face) immediately after taking a shower while your skin is still wet. Brusquely towel off!

As a Massage Oil: For a wickedly relaxing massage, dispense 1-2 pumps onto skin. No need to wash the oil off when done. Let it soak in. Your skin will thank you for it!

As a Cleanser: Oil pulls Oil. So why not lift away dirt and clean out pores with our versatile All Over Body Oil. Pump out 1-2 squirts of product in your hand and massage into slightly dampened skin. Wash and voila!

As a Shaving Oil: Who said creams were the only way to shave? We beg to differ. Depending on how large a surface your shaving, generally 1-2 pumps of our All Over Body Oil should do the trick. Apply to area to be shaven, whip out your blade and experience hairless body parts without any nicks or irritation. Rinse your razor with warm water between strokes and after use.

For Split Ends: Show your split ends who’s boss. Squirt 1 pump of our All Over Body Oil into hands. Apply a light coat to ends of hair and let nature do its thing. Leave in until the next time you shower and wash your hair.

For Cuticles + Calluses: All it takes is half a pump of our All Over Body Oil to revive the look and feel of your hands, feet and nails. Apply to cuticles, paying close attention to surrounding skin and the nail itself.  Massage oil using finger tips. For a softening effect (especially on your toenails) work the oil into your cuticles with the edge of a fresh lemon. Do not do this is you have hang nails as it will sting. Leave on hands/feet as long as possible before washing hands.

For New Mums + Moms-To-Be

- Bath: Add in one squirt to a warm bath to soothe a baby’s skin. The aroma will also help relax you and your little one!

- Stretch Marks: Apply liberally over areas of concern morning and night.

- 'Personal Bits': Apply a few drops as needed to areas that have experienced tearing or post episiotomy (can also be used safely to soothe sore nipples).

All Over Face & Body Lotion

For Face: After cleansing, apply one small pump of product all over face until absorbed. A little will go a long way.

For Body: For best results, apply immediately after showering to damp skin - and brusquely towel off for maximum absorption. Apply all over body for smooth and nourished skin.

The Putty

Apply 1-2 pumps of The Putty after cleansing. Note: if following our complete skincare system, we suggest to follow this order:

1-     Cleanse

2-     Serum

3-     Putty

4-     Face Food Mineral Mist

*If spot treating for conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, bug bites, mild abrasions and burns – apply a dab onto affected area and let absorb. For added efficacy, apply a thick layer and cover with a tissue and let sit for 20 minutes.

Hand + Foot Relief

Massage cream onto hands, heels, elbows, knees, even lips! Essentially any part of your body that is extremely dry or chapped requiring extra attention. Use as often as needed. And don’t forget to inhale and enjoy its wonderful therapeutic spa like aroma!

Sun Cream

Apply liberally on your face and body, if possible 20 minutes before going outside. Note that when using on your face, apply under your make up. Re-apply every 2 hours and always after swimming or perspiring heavily.


Apply liberally on your face and body, if possible 20 minutes before going outside. Note that when using on your face, apply under your make up. Re-apply every 2 hours and always after swimming or perspiring heavily.

The Mist

On your Hands + Feet: Apply onto dirty, sticky hands and/or feet. Brush together lightly to let dry. Re-apply as needed especially after touching money!

As a Room Deodorizer: 2-3 sprays will do the trick to remove bad odours from a room or car.

On your Hair: Place Germs Away Mist bottle 10-15 inches away from hair and onto your roots. To ensure proper product distribution, run hands through hair and brush through. Re-apply as needed.

On your Stuff: Use on counter tops, gym/hockey bags, stinky shoes, in your locker, on your desk, into diaper pails, on kitchen counters, onto steering wheels, on kid’s toys, keyboards, mobile phones.